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  1. Black Baron

    FS2004 Library Object Manager AED 170 for FS2004

    What is the simply way to get the "Trumpnails" for the ADE165- or other , on my ADE170 PRG ? I want to take them and others inside. So I can builded inside and compiled for finished the airport.
  2. Black Baron

    FS2004 Create new airport

    Construct problem for an new airfield/airport : I want to build a new aifield with the coordinates of the FS 2004 : N30 x 36.91' and W 120 x 8.97' the ADE 170 didn't get thes coordinates when i am beginning the working. Is threre anybody who can help me ? Is there any program to change the data...
  3. Black Baron

    Reaktiv closed Airport : no Traffic

    I have reaktiv an old airport/airfield. Everthing is ok. But there are comes no planes on my airport. I am working with My Traffic of AEROSOFT and Traffic from JUST FLIGHT all with ADE170 for the FS2004/F
  4. Black Baron

    FS2004 Closed Airport

    I wanted to reactiv an closed Airport or Airfield. First I am a newcomer with working with the ADE 175 for the FS2004. I have built the new reactived Airport: When I am starting the fs I am finding only the new taxisigns and Buildings. No new Taxiways or parkingplaces and so on. What have I...
  5. Black Baron

    FS2004 Mask problem

    I can't see the complete mask of the computer programm ADE175