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    FlightGear GIt Toolset

    Ah, so that was you :) Not being a Linux user myself I won't reply. But I'm sure some of the Linux people will be happy with it (when the release-stress is gone they'll probably reply).
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    Contributing to FlightGear

    A little update on the NYC scenery, I'm currently working on the terrain. All work in progress as of now, but you can already see OSM data (motorway, primary, secondary and railroad) and more detailed landclassing. We still need a lot of custom buildings (the images below do not contain...
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    Slew mode?

    Like said in the other topic, you can have some sort of sleqw mode, with a little hack >
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    Adding objects to FlightGear

    You do need to respect the tree. For NL you'd used something like Objects/e000n50/e005n52/....stg. Terrein will go into a similar folder stru.cture (Terrain/.....). You might find some additional info at
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    Adding objects to FlightGear

    Nice blogpost Arno! Let me try to provide some quick answers on the questions that you raised: There is no slew mode, so I had quite some trouble to view my objects after placing. Right, that's something we lack. You can move the tower-view around though, by clicking in the scenery, maybe...
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    FlightGear is a no-go

    False. See
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    Axes in FlightGear?

    Arno, just for your information, FlightGear has an active forum, at which you can get any help you might need. At least you'll reach far more FG developers than you'll find here ;) Btw, does this mean you started to check whether it is possible to use...