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  1. bstikkel

    Periods and comma's in country settings

    Hello experienced fellow devellopers, I am wrestling for quite a few month with the correct installation of the FSX SDK, or actually the FSX Accelleration SDK. Followed the instructions at FSDevelloper Wiki, again and again. Still without any succes, except for Shp2Vec. This is functioning...
  2. bstikkel

    FSXA How to apply a texture 90 degrees rotated?

    I have a probably simple to solve 'problem', but I cannot find the solution in the manual. I have a wavedplate-texture for a roof that when applied at the objectside, shows op 90 degrees rotated compared to the direction that I would want it to be. I can ofcourse create a different texture on...
  3. bstikkel

    Slowly filling fueltanks

    Hello devellopers ! I have no idear if it is possible, but every time I refuel a plane in FSX I experience it as a bit irritating, the fueltank is filled in one second or less actually. Would it be possible to create a module that creates a more realistic fueltank filling time and that makes...
  4. bstikkel

    Road and river textures with autogen possible ? (link to screenshot, edited with autogen) Hello, As FSX scenery becomes more and more beautifull by application of 3D grass kind of details, inevitably next 'wishes' pop up. As far as I know, roads, rivers and powerlinerows are lines...
  5. bstikkel

    FSXA Choice of texture size

    Hello all, I want to create a lot of 3D grass like flower and small plants objects. What is better for the performance in FSX: For every object one small texture or one high res texture that contains the textures of many objects ? Thanks for the advice. Bram Stikkel
  6. bstikkel

    FSXA How to texture a polygon on both sides ?

    Hello experienced fellow developers, I am just starting to learn to work with FSDS, so maby this is a very basic question. I could not find the subject in earlier posted threads. I would like to create simple tree-like objects. For this, I think one needs two rectangular polygons with...
  7. bstikkel

    FSXA What coulor is invisible ?

    Hello experienced FSdevellopers, I am trying to create grass sides for rural runway-sides. To achieve that I took a polygon and applied a grass-picture on it. However, above it and between the grass I would want it to be invisible texture, just like with the tree textures. I tried black...
  8. bstikkel

    Used Gmax bible for sale

    Hello fellow FS devellopers, Some year ago or longer I purchased a secondhand Gmax Bible, as one says 'the' guide for Gmax. Appearently not being born for develloping with Gmax, I quit trying after repeatedly not succeding to export an object for use in FSX. Anybody interested in buying...
  9. bstikkel

    FSX Exchanging virtual cockpit: possible or not?

    Hello fellow flightsim lovers, Since I operate FSX in a home cockpit, I would want to change the virtual cockpit in aircraft by a blank virtual cockpit. The virtual cockpit is often Using the normal cockpit mode and switching off the main panel, is no solution, because the normal cockpit...
  10. bstikkel

    FSX Touch down to relaisswitch

    Hello everybody who knows more than I do at this area. I am searching for a way to activate a relais when one of the wheels of the flown FSX plane touches the ground. Preferable one relais for the left, one for the right and one for the centerwheel(s). I have been investigating the list of...
  11. bstikkel

    Instant Scenery questions

    Hello, I use Instant Scenery to create more detail on airports. This works fine for me, but some questions have risen ;) First question is: How can it be, that some objects in the default libraries are 'choseble' but not visible in the actual scenery. This goes by example for the libraries...
  12. bstikkel

    Questions about FSX Planner

    Hello everybody, I do have two practical questions for which I can't find an answer in de Helpfiles of FSX Planner. First one is, how to use custom objects in the runway scenery. I understand one has to type in (or paste)a guid code, but where do you find that info? Second question is...