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  1. kevinfirth

    ImportOGR introduces uncommanded split polygons in source data

    I'm working testing my buildings categorisation only, without splitting complex polys using ReplacePolygonByBuildingRectangles yet. The attached image shows just one building polygon, in red is the source data poly, in colour below that is the polygon exported back to shp file AFTER only...
  2. kevinfirth

    P3D v4 AddAttribute & AddAttributeIfInside conundrum :S

    Hi, I'm finally jumping into trying to use Scenproc :) Here's my script so far. Now I freely admit I copied the base script from the manual because I haven't a clue where to start, and I'm trying to reverse engineer it in my head to understand it and make it work for me. I'm first just...
  3. kevinfirth

    Orbx unified landclass borked SBuilderX?

    Ive just tried to do a very basic flatten and exclude over a QMID11 area to replace with a custom hydropoly. (Something I've not done since before Orbx did their unified lclookup thingamajig.) Now with SBX I'm getting an error message saying "This type is not described in terrain.cfg!" when I...
  4. kevinfirth

    Running texture filter editor

    Looking through 6.3 in the scenproc manual it only references using a single geotiff image to apply a texture filter editor to. I've produced some PR using FSET and want to use the downloaded tiles in order to get autogen that matches the PR. Any idea how I can do this please? FSET does...
  5. kevinfirth

    P3D user flightplans

    Does anyone know if it is possible to specify altitude limits at waypoints in sim xml flightplans please? I've tried creating a flightplan using Aivlasoft EFB and then saving it as a .pln file. It loads ok and shows perfect lateral accuracy but contains no altitude data. When that unamended...
  6. kevinfirth

    Discovering GUIDS for existing annotations..?

    If I load a PR scenery containing existing annotations, how can I find out which GUID relates to each poly? when I click on a building and select it should something indicate the GUID? This is prob just down to my lack of understanding so sorry if its a dumb question !
  7. kevinfirth

    Data Prep for autogen project

    Thanks to all here who contributed to my understanding of how stuff works! I've now got: a) FSET set up ready to produce PR scenery inc water and blend masks b) SBX set up with replacement LOD9 hydropolys c) QGIS set up with landuse data, autogen tile areas, huge amounts of vector data inc...
  8. kevinfirth

    SplitGrid water polygon

    Hmm, I am running the following script: ImportOGR|E:\Scenery Design Workshop\UK_coast_hydro_polygon 2.shp|*|*|NOREPROJ SplitGrid|LOD09|* MergeGrid ExportOGR|FTYPE="POLYGON"|ESRI Shapefile|LOD9hydropoly_grid.shp|LOD9hydropoly_grid...
  9. kevinfirth

    QGIS difference tool (quirks?)

    I've got a little issue with a quirk it appears in QGIS. Ive imported my UK coastline (Ordnance Survey source, all multiple lines dissolved together, single parts joined as a multipart poly, as a shp layer, reprojected to WGS84) I have also got a bounding polygon,(also shp layer, reprojected to...
  10. kevinfirth

    Geographical representation of agn files in Google Earth

    I've been trying to replicate this lovely kml representation of autogen tiles, originally done by 'Vogel', (who unfortunately doesn't appear to be around much), without success :( Does anyone have any ideas or pointers...
  11. kevinfirth

    QGIS to produce shp files for use in Google Earth

    I've been attempting to create shp files to import into Google Earth to produce kml files from which to accurately create water masks/blends in FSET. I downloaded free data from Ordnance Survey for the UK, containing full coastline data (Opendata Meridian) There is a shp file called...
  12. kevinfirth

    Automated building extraction from PR Sorry if this isnt new, has anyone seen this?
  13. kevinfirth

    Can QGIS be used to convert ECW to Geotiff?

    Probably the title says it all... Ive read that many people areusing globalmapper for projects , but am a little discouraged by its $500 price tag for me as a hobbyist :( Just wondering if anyone knows whether QGIS can effect a similar outcome in terms of pre processing ECW files for eventual...
  14. kevinfirth

    Airspace definitions tool?

    Airspace definitions inc comms data is pretty crucial to correct working of any ATC system. Being a bit p*ssed off with my atc prog (VoxATC) telling me to do things that really werent proper because the default definitions were wrong I decided I wanted to update the airspace definitions that...
  15. kevinfirth

    P3D v3 RESOLVED - ADE not compiling new airport reference point

    Hi Jon, thanks for the great ADE. (I'm running the latest release) I wonder if you could assist with a bit of understanding please? I'm trying to change the airport reference point for the UK2000 Liverpool EGGP. I want to do this because the airport reference point falls directly over the...
  16. kevinfirth

    Is this data good enough?

    The UK Ordnance Survey are giving away free their opendata range for the entire UK, which includes individual building levels data, detailed coastline, important buildings, water areas, woodland and some others...
  17. kevinfirth

    Autogen Configuration Merger Error

    Hi Arno, Tried installing your ACM.exe seems to be loaded by exe.xml ok, after installing to P3Dv3. I was trying to get it to merge some autogen definitions with the outdated earth simulations ones. The ES ones are placed in a folder as per the manual, and the log shows that it is accessing...
  18. kevinfirth

    Updating stock navdata: Waypoints, airways and routes?

    After immersing myself in airspace scenery for a little while I’ve become increasingly annoyed by the fact that my default navdata (ie waypoints and airways) is plain wrong and doesn’t match up in any appreciable way to real life now. PlanG is brilliant, but only displays what is in the stock...
  19. kevinfirth

    XML2BGL failure to compile

    Hi there, just looking for a bit of help and knowledge please? I decompiled the default data bgl BNXWorld1.bgl using BGL2XML quite satisfactorily. The aim was to delete the default UK danger, prohibited and restricted areas so that I could replace them with accurate information in a new bgl...
  20. kevinfirth

    Airspace classification boundaries

    I think I read a thread from a few years back that ADE would possibly support the creation of airspace classification boundaries as well in the future. Has this ever been implemented please, and if not, is it still on the cards or has it been binned off? :) Thanks K