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  1. littleMax

    FSX Effects in wrong place?

    Arg.. i also thought: Lets check back if arno finished of the last edges of the replacement thing for the attachpoints. And now i see all this (maybe) offtopic stuff by Gary. Dont get me wrong gary, cause all this maybe full of information that is usefull, but in the end i think it is to far...
  2. littleMax

    Taxiway edges

    i never tried it, but in the tutorial GIMP was used, not Photoshop ;) And this is freeware :cool:
  3. littleMax

    FSXA Connect to FSX

    What does the enviromentchecker say/state?
  4. littleMax

    FSX sea level

    I also didnt install the altered terrain.cfg of scenerybuilder, what does it do? PS: And i thougth the as you mmann. (What a name ^^)
  5. littleMax

    FSX sea level

    The info was from the SDK.. as i told, and my experience with water. And as roby said, he used a hydro poly. Now you proved that it works, so im wrong, again it was just my opinion of that stuff. A question, is the ocean a big hydro poly or something else?
  6. littleMax

    FSX FS9 add on in FSX

    Hm, pretty complex stuff and many things that must be considered here. And many things i dont know. Just on thing. As far as i know not all landclass from FS9 work in FSX, and thats probably whats wrong here. Cause it could be that in default FSX you dont have land where the island is. So...
  7. littleMax

    FSX sea level

    Cool that you say that... but as robystar proofed, it is not. Cause he added a hydro poly ;) Also in payware addons like FSGlobalX2010 you have two options after the install. A. The mesh rises the water where you have water. B. Where the mesh rises, on a pre water area, the water disappears...
  8. littleMax

    FSX sea level

    Nope, the mesh comes first and on top of it FSX puts the landclass. So if you wand to change the coastline you often have to change the mesh in that area too, only if all has the same hight.. it wouldnt be needed. (or the other way arround)
  9. littleMax

    FSXA Solution for repeating texture

    yeah its not possible, but you can achiev a simillar effect as i described.
  10. littleMax

    Don't Ya Hate It...

    Looks good... but whay did it take long? ^^ Cause its a "pinnwand"... äh pinboard(?), i would just have used some random googled images :D
  11. littleMax

    Making Lights light up the gound.

    I dont think he is talking about a finished file, he seems to work on own project. Just search the forum for landing lights stuff, cause there are all over two ways A. Effect files (FSX comes with a landing light effect) B. Poly lights (+effect as far as i know) (or is B completly withou...
  12. littleMax

    FSXA Solution for repeating texture

    I had this problem ones some time ago with a other game. My simple but timetaking solution back then was... fold the "polys" over the area in unwrap editor. think of it like a sheet of paper that you fold left, right, left, right and so on. Or you can break it in several parts and just put them...
  13. littleMax

    FSX Best way to place apron lights.

    If you dont want to use gmax... (MCX can now correct this) and you dont speak about apron taxi lights? Anyway i only know a pay tool that has an array option (i dont use it):
  14. littleMax

    Fixing LIRN RWY

    i dont know
  15. littleMax

    Fixing LIRN RWY

    I took a look ... There realy is an Macadam runways in the AFD file. 100points for hotelfox. And just because it was easy(changed to asphalt)... see attachment (no guarantee):
  16. littleMax

    Export attachpoints?

    While i was adding the attachpoint i noticed something that you may not forget when adding the export feature. What i mean is the orientation of the attachpoint, cause modifing this is even more paint in the ..., you know what i mean.
  17. littleMax

    EDJA - Memmingen / Airport Allgäu WIP

    ME ME :D As i wrote to you before per Email, i think (Max E.) Of course 30€ for 11 airports is not bad... but i dont want the 11 airports. And Freeware is Freeware, as lond as it looks good i will stick with freeware. And your EDJA is simple cool!
  18. littleMax

    FSX Set alt to FSX

    Since you can not turn of the autosave of ADE they have to be there. The file is simply called "autosave.ad2" The last couple things i can think of: A. You told windows to recover the system after windows restarted and noticed that it crashed (i dont know if this would lead in an abstinence...
  19. littleMax

    Export attachpoints?

    Oh.. and if you thinking about make exporting attachpoints (more thinking about the points), just send a little box/8-side-sphere with MCX. Then just put it everywhere where a attachpoint is, but not at double possitions. ;)
  20. littleMax

    Export attachpoints?

    ok, i just wanted to ask before i start. PS: Schumacher made 19 positions to the front :D :eek::cool: