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    Side note on SketchUp /MCX

    Above and beyond its FS(x) uses, SletchUp is a nice and simple modelling program that can be used to create "stuff", and with MCX, export to *.obj format that can be imported into Poser and DAZ3D/Studio character modelling programs.
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    Managing Parts Order in FSDS

    In the post:, Jean-Pierre indicates that some parts (especially where transparency is involved) need to be drawn "last" in the order. The fastest way to force a part to be "last" is simply by cutting the part (CTRL-X) and pasting it...
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    @ OWen Hewitt - CONGRATS

    ---------- Congratulations on the successful launching of your new model. I understand it has full eye-candy, and visual effects... :)
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    Aircraft MDL to gmax.

    Definitely "latest" build is my favorite. I am keeping 055 as my "base" comparison. I am using MCX to convert my FSDS aircraft models to gmax (via 3DS format conversion). On the latest beta build (download 23NOV) the import into 3DS/ gmax goes without problems. Texxture mapping...
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    Adam's FSDS Design Blog

    Adam Howe, of Abacus, has started an "FSDS Design" blog, and has already posted a few "starter" mini-tutorials on using FSDS. So far, what I've seen, is very helpful for beginners in FSDS...
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    1st scenery project... FOr when you're in a hurry!

    Or.. When you're in a hurry...... Each part was made polygon by polygon (there aren't that many) using a papercard image as backdrop. After the polygons were all joined and textured, the points were folded into shape - just as if you were building the paper model.... :)...
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    Dave Nunez, FSDSxTweak

    You might have heard of this neat utility, which allows the FSDS user (FSDS 3.5.1) to add bump maps, and other neat eye candy that before now, we could only add by hacking the x file. Dave has also created a plugin executable that launches the FSDSxTweak from the Plugins menu. It also allows...
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    Airfield Focus - UK Magazine on e-Bay

    Airfield Focus - Search Link on e-bay For the airport designer, this is a link to e-bay offerings on "Airfield Focus", which appears to be an English magazine about UK (mostly ex-RAF, but some have developed into civilian as well) airfields. Per the descriptions, they have airfield histories...
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    FS-X SDK SP2 is out and live

    Per Phil Taylor's Blog post. check out
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    Schipol's reputation tarnished....

    As I will be transiting through Schipol this Sunday morning on my way to Teesside, (UK) and back in full daylight on Wednesday on my return. Now, if I could find a decent reason to "delay" my return to the US by one day.... :D
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    HOw to know you are a REAL Beta Tester AND "EXPERT"

    When testing an update to a current piece of software, it is usually installed in a closely-similarly named folder... for example, FSDS_35 is similar to FSDS_3. WHen REMOVING the folder, please make sure that you remove FSDS_35 and NOT FSDS_3! Oh, and when you do this, USE SHIFT-DELETE -...
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    GMax plugin for FsX

    From PC-12's blog: In response to a comment: As we all know "right now" the scripts to compile a true FsX model exist only for 3DSMx7/8. While gmax does ship with FSX, the converter is really the FS9 converter, to be used with the FS9 SDK. While this doesn't give a timetable, at...