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    FSX Export a Model from 3DS max to .MDL

    Hi, As the title says, i want to make a model on 3DS max(2012) for FSX....i was reading about how export, but i can do it. I export the model as .X file then, i drop this (.X) into the XtoMDL.exe, and the problem began, this XtoMDL generates me a 0Kb file...if anyone of you can help me...
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    FSX Animation problem(compilation)

    Hi everyone! I'm Matias from Argentina i'm beginner on the development sceneries and i having a problem when i try to use the CAT this problem: Assembling: C:\gmax\gamepacks\fs2004\hangar_cat.azm C:\gmax\gamepacks\fs2004\hangar_cat_0.asm(217) : error A2006: undefined symbol ...