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    Endless sound playing

    Hi everybody, could, please, somebody have a look on that: <!--80 Knots--> <Element> <Select> <Value> (A:SIM ON GROUND,bool) (A:AIRSPEED INDICATED,knots) 80 == &amp;&amp; if{ 1 (&gt;L:80knots,bool) } </Value> </Select> </Element> and tell me the...
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    FS2004 multi screens gauge

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    MakeMDL refuses to export animation

    Hi, is there anybody could tell me the reason MakeMDL (F9) refuses to export my scene with the animation applied?
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    Hi, I am attempting to create an animated flag, using one texture switching between differend areas of it... Using the timer BGL_TICK18 as Hellas_flag_MasterScale_1 label BGLCODE MATERIAL 0,0 ; <255,255,255,255> HELLAS.BMP;;; BGL_ZBIAS 1 IFMSK flag00, BGL_TICK18,0008h...
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    IFINBOXP and effects

    Hi everybody, I 've attached a few effects on boxes with "" in Gmax... the result in FS9 was exactly what I was expecting, but... when I tried to add a few lines of code in my *_0.asm file it was impossible to manipulate it... I 've tried the same code in other *_0.asm files...
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    Marshaller with SEPARATION_PLANE

    Hi everybody, I am trying to create a Marshaller with SEPARATION_PLANE command as it is described in VGDS wiki about Safedock... I have used a texture 1024x512 divited into 5 equal section, one for the waiting, one for the turn left, one for the straight ahead, one for the turn right and one...
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    Why always backward animation?..

    Good day everybody I‘ve created an animated Fuel track which is moving from point “A” to point “B”… exporting from Gmax and tweaking with CAT, when I set Parking brakes and my AC exists in a specific area of a box (IFINBOXP) the animation is executed. Respectively, it is moving from “B” to “A”...
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    Conditional appearance of objects

    Hello everybody... I 've created some cones, in Gmax, in order to position them in frond of engines and other areas around a parked aircraft. I would like them to be shown when the aircraft is inserted in a specific area (box) and when parking brakes set. So, I 've tryed that...
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    Ground poly and Actigate's rain detection...

    Hello everybody... I am working on a project trying to add a layer over my runway representing a rain layer with water reflections... although I manage to create ground polys through fs2002 SDK tweaking *.asm file, I can not find out where should I add the piece of code, getting it from...
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    Is it correct this effect and its controller?

    Hi there... I am currently working on LGKR scenery, but trying to add some effects for RWY edge lights I cannot see them approaching from another airport... I have already read the sticky post in Wiki, but... So, this is my effect: [Library Effect] Lifetime=5 Version=2.00...