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  1. taguilo

    P3D v4 XMLTools64 for P3D v4 v1.0 Released

    Available in Resources page. Enjoy! Tom
  2. taguilo

    XMLTOOLS for FSX and P3D updates

    Guys, XMLTools v2.01 for FSX and XMLTools3D for P3D v3.x are now availables in the Resources pages. Auto/manual installation supported. History: XMLEVENTS V1.1: Bug correction for negative values improperly returned SIMVARS V1.1: Added Pause and Sound status detection. Both also include a...
  3. taguilo

    FSX XMLTools 2.0 installer

    Guys, I've just uploaded an XMLTools 2.0 automatic installer. Useful for developers that need to distribute XMLTools together with their custom applications. You can get it from the Resources page. Tom
  4. taguilo

    XMLTools 2.0 with LOGGER released

    Guys, XMLTools' new version 2.0 includes LOGGER, Robbie McElrath's class for file I/O handling with XML code. It is available in the Resources pages. XMLTools classes: Included in v1.0 and v2.0: XMLVARS v2.0: a class to handle custom variables, including strings, in single/array format...
  5. taguilo

    P3D v2 XMLTools3D for P3D v2.2 released

    XMLTools3D: Prepar3D version of XMLTools has been released and is available in the Resources section. Hope you like it guys! Tom
  6. taguilo

    FSX XMLTools v1.0 is released.

    XMLTools: a common XML expansion module has been released and is available in the Resources section. From Resources' page Overview: This module contains a group of C++ classes aimed to provide extra functions to XML gauges. Some of these classes are in fact development tools for XML...
  7. taguilo

    XMLVars module updated to 1.02

    Hi, I've just updated XMLVars module to version 1.02, expanding its array size limit from 1024 to 2048 unique vars. Posted in the Downloads section, in replacement of the previous version. Tom
  8. taguilo

    Setting AVars within a Simconnect gauge

    Hi, It seems that AVars which depend on many other var sources are not possible to control just by using Simconnect in a regular gauge. As the assignment occurs at the end rather than at the beginning of a frame (as per SDK), the variable is indeed actualized, but it is overwritten again by...
  9. taguilo

    XMLVars module updated to version 1.01

    Available in Downloads section. Includes a couple of minor changes commented in readme files. Tom
  10. taguilo

    <String> element and <Visible> tag issues in FSX

    Hi, Navigating through the forum I came across this thread: and also found more comments scattered in other threads as well. Well, this is an "issue" (elegant synonymous of bug) in FSX, related to the way <String> element's scripts are...
  11. taguilo

    Updated XMLVars with FS9 version and a gauge example

    Hi, I have updated with a now working copy for FS9 (FS2004) thanks to Bob and Robbie McElrath's help. I also added a gauge than can be taken as an example on the advantage of using arrays of variables for certain operations, in this case a simulation of a 757/767 CAS system. I want...
  12. taguilo

    A module for handling XML vars

    Hi, This past weekend I swept the dust from some old C++ code I have used to build custom DLLs; found interesting snippets from which to make a rebuilt and the result is XMLVARS.DLL. This small but powerful module enables de use of custom variables -kind of LVars- for storing and retrieving...
  13. taguilo

    XML: Macros - Extracting Digits

    Discussion thread for XML: Macros - Extracting Digits. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
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    GPS Variables: How to Access

    Discussion thread for GPS Variables: How to Access. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.