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    Does the 'Start' element actually add anything to the 'Runway' element?

    Or the 'Helipad' element? Why is the altitude '0.0M' in the 'Start' element for helipads? Is there somewhere you can find this information?
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    BGL2XML - What is the 'M' suffix for?

    Is the 'M'-suffix in some of the attributes a decimal literal indicator or does it mean 'metres'? Sorry if this is answered somewhere else, but Google wouldn't give me any confirmation.
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    FSXA Missing som NAV data parsing BGL

    I'm creating a BGL parser so the users of my app can get a correct copy of their information (including add-on scenery/edits/etc). I've got airports, ils/vor and the name list up and running, but I'm missing a lot of ils/vors. An example is 46130.bgl which contains information for EIDW. I get...