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    FSXA click and hold switch?

    I'm having a bit of trouble, i'm trying to do a 3 way, spring loaded switch where you have to hold the mouse button down to get the action. The switch i have thanks to n4gix <PartInfo> <Name>switch_prop_1</Name> <AnimLength>100</AnimLength> <Animation> <Parameter> <Code>50...
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    FSXA How to increase amount of throttle needed to get moving? (piston aircraft)

    ok this is driving me nuts. The plane i'm working on flys fine whilst in the air, however it only takes 5%ish of throttle to get it moving on the ground .. which is unrealistic to say the least. Is there anyway to increase the amount of throttle needed to get a plane moving whilst on the ground...
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    FSXA where to start?

    i've got a plane thats now ready for its flight model to be done .. however i have no idea what i'm doing .. i've changed the vaules i recognize in the .cfg file but still highly confused by most of them, and the AIR file is still a complete mystry. I've gathered theres 3 programs that you can...
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    FSXA 3d Gauges not moveing?

    got a puzzeller that i cant figure out, my needles aint moveing, however as far as i can tell the code itself is fine? Heres the code <AnimationGroup name="Gauges" guid="87ED7734-E6BA-4e91-8DCD-9FF08A31FD14"> <AnimationRef guid="A937206F-C5E1-4dea-9475-1C15E73E83D4"/>...
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    FSXA Removeing stock AI from an airfield

    well, as the title asks. Is there anyway to stop the stock AI useing an airfield?? :confused: I'm doing a ww2 one thats currently in FSX in its modern form and haveing modern aircraft landing at a ww2 airfield would just look silly!
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    FSXA Odd alpha issue

    i've got a real puzzeler for you guys here ... for some reason when saveing as a DXT5 dds texture in photoshop this is what the alpha turns out like .. i've saveing from photoshop useing the DXT5 ARGB/ 8bpp/interpolated alpha setting with no mip maps .. anyone have the slighest idea...
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    FSXA Airfield taxiways and aprons

    allo, I'm doing an airfiled in max, i've got it all showing ok however i do have a few questions about the taxiways and aprons. How would you going about setting it up so the edges blur? I've done it on the runway however the same method doesnt work on the taxiways, especialy as its a...
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    FSXA custom scenery objects not showing

    I've done a few ground vehiciles. They both have 2 FSX materials, one the main "base" texture for the body etc, then a transparent material (no texture) for the glass. The models are set up so that the glass is linked to the body, then the body is linked to a dummy. Both have different GUIDs and...
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    FSXA bones and controll wires ..

    Im currently doing a plane which has controll wires that move, i've tried animating them useing the old keyframe method but it looks messey as heck so i was thinking about useing bones and slideing them. However i dont really know how to go about doing it :confused: I know how to set the bones...
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    FSXA puzzeling exporting problem

    ok so i'm trying to get a pretty high poly plane into fsx (72k+ verts) but i'm hitting the "Vertex list has to many verts" error when i try to compile it. So i go through the materials to find the culprit (select material, show assigned parts, export selected) found out it was the interior...
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    FSXA puzzeling model error

    haveing a strange problem with a model i'm working on which is puzzeling the heck outa me. It seems as though the fuse is offset, shrank or summing. I've tried resetting xform on all parts, clicking the transform and scale buttons on all parts, resetting all the pivots. Heres a shot of the...
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    FSX Reflections not showing

    ok this has me puzzeled, i'm trying to get my main fuse texture to show reflections useing my own texture but its not working at all. I've got my texture in the reflection slot, frensal ramp is on with reflection and specular ticked. In the special functionality bit i have "blend enviroment...
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    problems trying to make a custom airport scenery

    i'm trying to make a custom texture around an airfield useing the compiling a map SBuilderX and useing a .inf file, however i cant get mine to work :( Everytime i drag my inf file onto the resample.exe i get the dos window pop up really quick, then disapear, without it generating anything, i...
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    Problems with ground polys

    I've been trying to get the custom ground poly method as described here however i'm not seeing anything at all in the sim, i tried just useing a box and when i first load the sim at the airport i see a transparent...
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    Bit confused about scenery makeing

    lo, Doing my first bit of ground work in FSX, so far i've figrued out how to make an island, using the great tutorial called "Terrain Design for Flight Simulator X" (cant rember who wrote it though :o) but i'm a bit lost about where to go know. So far i've built the island and what i want...