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    Runway Distortion on Recent Sat Images

    Hello there, I have been seeing more and more distortion on airport runways, taxiways and aprons, I first thought it was a google earth thing, but now I'm seeing them in Bing sat images too. You know as if they used the "warp" tool in photoshop? And it's not to a specific region either, it's...
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    P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting

    Anyone find where on the SDK we can learn how to make the dynamic lighting for P3Dv4?
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    Tiled texture and Ambient Occlusion

    Hello, Is it possible to add ambient occlusion to a tiled texture for FS-related scenery with 3ds max' mental ray render? Kind Regards
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    P3D v3 ground poly with afcad showing on top

    Hello, I think I've gone crazy. I've previously created native Prepar3d ground poly without any issues, separating the layers as suggested in the SDK with negative numbers. On a new ground I recently exported, the AFCAD runway and aprons are showing on top of the custom ground, but not for...
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    Attachpoint being added to models "_MCX_CURCOR_"

    Whenever I do the earth correction, my model ends up with an attachpoint called "_MCX_CURCOR_" Any reason for this? Kindly, Blazer
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    [SOLVED] Static Jetway creator error whislt loading jetway.cfg

    Any idea what this could be: "maxscript rollout handler exception unable to convert: "true" to type: booleanclass" Kindly, Blazer
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    aircraft size limit on an apron path

    Can I limit a path within an apron based on aircraft size? I would like to stop widebody aircraft going through a certain apron, instead it should take the "longer route" using taxiways to another apron alongside.
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    Jetway head rotation (not necessarily FS related)

    Hello, I have a question, something I never though of but last night came to mind about jetway head rotation. When a jetway is "parked" like this FSX jetway, the "openings" are where the red marked area is When the jetway head rotates to dock, how does the opening where the "sleave" is...
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    FSX Smooth transition between landclass gone

    Somewhere in the past month or so I lost the smooth gradient transition between the edges of different landclass classes in my FSX, so I have those hard borders. I have tweaked my sim more over the past month than the last three years combined, so I really can't remember which was the setting...
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    mdlconverterx changing drawing order

    Hi :) I normally use DXT3 transparency, which means that I use texture name to make sure the drawing order is correct. When I load a MDL in MdlconverterX, make some changes to texture features, upon exporting, sometimes the drawing order seems to change. OBS: FSX MDL. Kindly, Blazer.
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    Create GUI for batch commands

    Hi, Is there any software that we can create a simple gui to execute batch commands? I just need file copying, renaming and etc. Since I don't know any programming language, but can write simple batch commands, I would like to create a window where clicking a button would execute a command...
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    Suggestion for Material Editor window

    Hi When working in ModelConverterX using the Material Editor sometimes I want to see and compare the value of two or more textures, however when we select another texture on the left panel, the right panel, where the options are, scrolls back to the top where "alpha test" is located. Is it...
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    DETECTFEATURES for Buildings

    Hey all, We've all seen the awesomeness that is the detectfeatures for the vegetation, but I would like to know if it's currently or can be in the future, possible to detect buildings from the "rooftops" on images. I know trees are mostly standard green which makes easier detection as...
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    DX10 Compatible

    Hello, I noticed there is a new checkbox "DX10 Compatible" in the latest development release of mdlconverterx... I never use DX10 myself, but I thought I'd give it a try, however, at night I still see grey tiles and not the night images like in DX9 mode... is this because I do not have Steve's...
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    Effect Altitude

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    Prepar3d v2 z-bias material

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    AGN Merge Tool 2

    I posted in the AGN Merge Tool post but I wouldn't let me as it's over 110 days old.... so here goes: I have managed to work with this successfully for FSX, however I cannot manage to export FS9 AGN, I always get that "txt2agn has stopped working" with this error: Description: Stopped...
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    FS2004 Island replacement no longer shows on fs map/gps sbuilderfs9

    Hello, I deleted the original island and made a new one and also a new coastline in SbuilderFS9. All is fine and dandy visually within FS, but the island does not show on the map or GPS, like the default island did before I removed it to make my own. Any tips? Searching led me to 2 posts...
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    ARCGIS tiles used in FSEarthTiles?

    Hi, Sorry for bumping an older thread, but instead of creating a new one or sending a PM so others who might want to know this too can't see doesn't seem better option. Anyway... How would I edit a config for this to use in FSEarthTiles, any idea? For example, this is what I currently...
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    changed needed to cfg file?

    Hello, This is my cfg file: # Schiermonnikoog autogen test IMPORTSHP|forest.shp|NOREPROJ IMPORTSHP|area.shp|NOREPROJ # SPLITGRID|AGN # SETAGNBUILDINGHEIGHT|0.4;0.2;0.2;0.2 # SETAGNBUILDINGTEXTURE|autogen_NL #...