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    FSX/P3D airports crashing or missplaced on the scenery

    Can someone give me any hints to convert airports to fsw the right way? The issues I have are: - Flying/floating default objects above the ground, objects of the default airport don't disappear (old objects appearing inside the new objects). - Some airports are missplaced on the scenery...
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    Is it possible to remove a landmark?

    I have a custom FSX scenery and it's working on FSW just fine, except for the fact that this city is one of the cities that are customized on the sim (Rio de Janeiro) and it has some landmarks. One of them (Sugar Loaf Station) is causing a mesh spike on the scenery. Is it fixable right now or I...
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    Autogen not showing up on P3D V3

    Hi, I´m new on all this design stuff, I am trying to enhance one of my sceneries. The thing is, I annotate e.g. 10 buildings, but in the sim I can see only 8. The other issue is, when I try to choose custom texture, the building´s walls go black. Thanks for any help,