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    FSX Lua or gauge to perform trim inputs under few conditions

    Hello, community. I was trying to modify an aircrat's flight dynamics so it would be able to pitch down once thrust is cut during the flare. Unfortunately, i wasn't able to achieve the desired effect. I then decided to cheat fsx by creating a lua or a gauge that will trim nose down by several...
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    FSX Pitch down on idling

    Greetings, FSDeveloper community. I'm trying to modify some models i fly a lot. As a pilot, i'm a bit picky for aerodynamics and i find it very annoying that most models i have for FSX/P3D don't represent the pitch down tendency associated with the thrust reduction (I'm speaking of jet engines...
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    Can't get a model to show in FSX

    Hello all! I'm not new to MCX and it's the first time i'm getting such a problem. I made a model on sketchup which shows perfectly in MCX but once converted it never goes visible in FSX. Does someone know what i might be doing wrong? I'll post a link for the model if someone wants to test it...
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    [FS2004] Exported FS9 .mdl doesn't save material's properties

    I'm trying to create a simple taxi light using textures only. As a reference i used this thread. The model shows everything as required when i set it up via the material editor. I save the textures as DXTBMP and export the model in a FS9 format. Then when i load the newly created model in...
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    [FS2004] Effect won't show up (i have no excludes there)

    I'll keep it simple. I created an object in sketchup and attached to it two effects (1st - DAY=0; NIGHT=1 2nd - DUSK=1; DAWN=1) using ConverterX. In the Converter everything showed up perfectly. When I placed it on a bold default scenery with no excludes in it the object was there but no...
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    Effects don't appear on approach

    I got my scenery all lit up by objects with effects attached. When i spawn at the airport everything looks fine. The problem is that when I approach the airport or I'm coming from a distance the effects refuse to 'engage'. All of the effects... Does someone know a possible solution for this?
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    Surface "-1" doesn't get my runway invisible

    That's my SCASM code: Unfortunately i'm still having a visible runway (sort of).. See picture below Does somebody know where i might be doing wrong?
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    DAY=0; NIGHT=1; DUSK=1; DAWN=1 not working

    Hi! It's my first post here so i would like to thank for the wonderful software. I'm using it for 6 months now but i finally got problems. So I'm trying to add effect to my taxi light using the Attached object editor but i can't manage it to glow during dawn, dusk and night only... Do you have...