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    BGLC.exe size of source file

    Hi guys, I'm working with somewhat large ASM files with VTP1 poly's; over 300000 lines is no exception. BGLC.exe (8.00 and _9) calls it a day at 65534 apparently... Are there any options or tweaks I can do to extend the range? Or maybe instead of a new line for each point there is a separator...
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    Anyone remember VTP1?

    ...I know at least someONE on this forum does :D Anyway, I have this cfs2autocoast tool under development. Right now I'm implementing its vtp1.asm.write method, and it is generating what looks to me like a completely valid ASM file, just like a LWMviewer-decompiled or ground2k4 vtp1 source...
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    Math professors in the house?

    Hi all, My highschool math lessons seem to have made place for other stuff in my head... I'm programming a polygon manipulation tool, but cannot get around the following problem, and I hope some brilliant soul could give me some help with it: If I know the points (x1,y1), (x2,y2) and...