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    How to import obj files

    Everything's in the title , somebody knows how to do it
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    Application error

    Hi , each time i exit MDL tweaker i 've got this .? i've got version 2.0.266
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    Strange landclass lines > Sbuilder

    Hi , i m making a scene (with Sbuider 2.05) but i ve got a problem depending on which lanclasses combinaisons i do i ve got lines at the joints is there a way to avoid this . Thanks
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    Runway doesn t disappear

    I ve got a problem with AFCAD FS2004 the WA default airport s very far from the right location approximately 250km and the default runway doesn t disappear it disappear when i put the other runway near the default location but if i move the airport to the right location the old runway respawn...
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    Gmax 2D objects

    Hi , i ve purchased Lago FS enhancer a time ago in this soft all 2D objects (humans etc ...) always face you . can we do that with Gmax ? Thanks