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    On transparency problems in FSX SP2

    Hello! From Jon Patch's blog regarding SP2: "FS9 objects with transparency may not display properly". From what I've seen myself my oldest API-based trees with DXT1 textures display the formerly transparent parts of the textures as black. Newer MDL-based trees built with FSDSv3 or 3.5, compiled...
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    Custom texture ground polygons?

    Hello, During conversion of my old FS9 scenery of ESMU Älmhult, a small swedish airport, to FSX I´ve run into a problem that I can´t find a solution to. Everything works OK now except for the peat milling area which surrounds the field. I have a temporary solution (which works very well, see...
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    Unify normals/shadow problem

    Hi all, During my work with updating a few of my old FS9 airports for FSX I´ve encountered a small (?) problem. I´m building new trees for the sceneries with FSDSv3.5, compiling them to MDL files with MakeMDL and tweaking them with MDL Tweaker 2.0.266. After that I use Library Creator XML...
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    White swans from black crows in FSX?

    Hi there, I don´t really know to which forum I should address this so I´ll take a shot at the "general chat". As you know, if you fly FSX, AI aircraft display as all black when viewed from a distance, a very annoying fact as this a step back from how it worked in FS9. I guess we have all...