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    Video Tutorial Series for Creating Scenery with Blender

    Thank you so much for doing these. I wanted to develop scenery for p3d since a longer time, but as there were no good tutorials it seemed to be very difficult, which is why I did scenery for XP11 until now. Im excited to learn!
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    New scenery Göteborg-Landvetter FSX/P3D2 RC-Scenery

    Yea sorry seems like I messed up Skavsta and Vasteras.. both low cost airports
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    New scenery Göteborg-Landvetter FSX/P3D2 RC-Scenery

    Can be found here: (the 2nd download)
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    New scenery Göteborg-Landvetter FSX/P3D2 RC-Scenery

    There is already a fantastic freeware scenery for ESOW that was made for P3D V4 so I dont think we need another one ESPA surely is one of the biggest missing airports in sweden aswell as ESNQ or ESNU. Or why not ESNZ?
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    KFAR Fargo Hector Int. Fargo ND P3dv4.2

    Wow finally somebody is trying to do this one! Looks very nice!
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    P3D v4 UGGT - Telavi, Georgia [Released]

    Thats really great quality there!
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    New scenery Göteborg-Landvetter FSX/P3D2 RC-Scenery

    Hi Roby, any news?
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    FSX Iceland revisited - terrain scenery

    Y'all are underestimating the cost of photoimages from Iceland.. or generally from photoimages
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    P3D v4 EYKA- Kaunas International Airport, Lithuania

    Are you planning to do it also for P3D V4?
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    P3D v3 A little something from my home town, EFKU

    Are you planning to get this scenery over to P3D V4?
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    big oval windows static object

    So is this gonna be a static or actually feature a VC?
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    P3D v4 LGRP / LGRD Rhodos WIP (released now)

    Finally somebody is doing Rhodos!
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    New scenery Göteborg-Landvetter FSX/P3D2 RC-Scenery

    That looks really good! Any plans for SODE Jetways? I know this Jetway is a little bit different than most jetways out there, but it has been done with exactly this type in Tatu Kantomaa's recent version of Rovaniemi.
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    Ioannis Daskalogiannis (Chania) International Airport (LGSA)

    Its been quite a while since your last post, how is this project progressing?
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    GMAD | Agadir | Morocco

    I think any airport in morocco is a welcome sight, as its a huge spot lacking on the FS map!
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    FMMI definitely!
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    FSX #G-650 or #F8X

    I'd love to have a G-650. It doesnt need to be deeply simulated, i'd be happy with something on the level of the aerosoft airbus series (But please with wing flex *cough*). If I could get the G-650 in FSX, I likely wouldn't fly any other aircraft anymore.
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    FSXA Airbus A350 XWB

    I hope you can get the A350 to look so shiny in P3D/FSX like in your renders :) Man that would be awesome
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    FSX Project Merge H550

    General Dynamics is not going to like this