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    Models not generating when converting from FS9 to FSX

    With the latest development release I am having trouble converting models from FS9 to FSX. I have tried generating the model direct and I have also tried saving it as an "X" then re-importing and exporting. I get a long string of errors: 12:34 PM XtoMDL Error error : Error loading...
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    problem excluding jetways P3Dv4.4 (Solved)

    I am trying to step back in time with P3D4.4, but am having trouble excluding jetways. I have tried to exclude Scenery Objects, Default buildings and Triggers. Nothing seems to work.
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    Visibility condition for "Parking Brake"? (Solved)

    I am working on converting some AI aircraft from FS9 to FSX. The problem that I am running into is that there are objects attached (Airstairs etc) that I don't want to delete. I am using the visibility condition Prop0_still right now and it makes the objects disappear once the engine starts, but...
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    Thank You for all of your work

    I just want to say Thank You for all of the improvements that you have made to MCX! It has been a while since I have converted any AI and the improvements are noticeable and appreciated, especially the fact that the models compile with the proper radius now.
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    Problem excluding Taxi Signs with ADE v1.70

    I am pulling what little hair I have left out over this. I am running ADE v01.70.6042 reading the P3Dv4.2 SDK and just can't seem to get the Taxi Signs to exclude out. I have tried an exclude box over the whole airfield and also excluding out the individual signs. Neither option seems to work. I...
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    A question about Ramp/Taxiway textures in ADE

    Is there a way to use custom textures for Ramps/Taxiways in ADE? The default are rather bland for what I'm trying to do. I would rather that my textures "Blend In" with the background a little better.
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    Problem with wheel animation in GMAX

    I am having a problem getting my wheel animation correct in FSX. I will admit that I am NO Pro with GMAX. I have read and followed tutorials and still having issues. The wheel animation seems to Start then Stop until my model reaches a certain speed, then the animation smooths out. I have 2...
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    Animation Question

    Is there a way to animate an out of round object as an FSX wheel/tire? What I'm working on is a Sherman Tank for FSX. I have all of the drive wheels as Right or Left wheel still/blurred. What I would like to do is animate the tracks.
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    Newbie Gmax user needs help

    I have just started trying my hand at Gmax. (Been using FSDS for years) I am trying to make a Saturn V rocket for FSX. I am up to the animation phase now and am stumped. I have read several tutorials, and nothing seems to work. What I am trying to do is just a simple straight line animation, to...