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    FSXA Parking Assignments

    When I set up GA parking, I usually divide it into sections by naming the parking spots NE Parking, S Parking, etc. Then when I land, I can select from these locations when contacting ground control. For gates, I can name them any letter of the alphabet which I do for concourse A, B, etc...
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    FSXA Changing Airport IDENT

    I followed Jon Masterson's instructions (thank you) to delete a stock airport and replace it with the latest airport layout with a new ICAO. The old airport (X47) is now listed as "not in use". The new airport (KFIN) shows up on the list with the proper description. However, the current...
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    FSXA Did I kill a parking space?

    I set up terminal gate parking and proceeded with terminal modeling. Whenever I checked how things looked in FSX, there was an American Eagle aircraft at the gate containing parking code EGF. After noticing that the terminal building model conflicted with the push-back vehicle location for...
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    Another way to finish a polygon?

    As stated in a previous post, I've had some problems with double-clicking to end drawing a polygon in ADE wherein an extra vertex is included in the finished polygon which has to be removed. This has even resulted in ADE crashing when it occurs drawing GP polygons. In a future update, can a...
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    GP Errors causing ADE to crash

    I am continously experiencing ADE crashes, with reports sent to the software developer, apparently associated with my inability to always end the drawing of a GP without creating an extra vertex by double-clicking the mouse (old age arthritis in the hand). Can a feature be added to ADE where...
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    FSXA Model Texture Help

    Any help would be appreciated as I have exhausted methods to compile a particular fence gate model at KBKV with the CHAINLINK512 texture using ADE. Attached images are explained as follows: 1st image - shows the gate model at KBKV with the chainlink texture not showing. 2nd image - shows...
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    FSXA LODs not exporting

    I have used ModelConverterX to create LODs for all of my airport objects (hangers, etc) and it worked fine except for one hanger. Why would ModelConverterX refuse to export a model without the LODs if they were created and display in the program? Art
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    FSXA Autogen Missing

    I recently started using photoscenery for airport backgrounds compiling the rectangular .bmp image exported from GIMP along with a blendmask.bmp exported from GIMP to eliminate areas outside the airport boundary. At one airport the landclass in the blendmasked areas appear with autogen, but at...
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    FSXA FSX/FS9 Traffic

    I've been having a problem with some AI traffic not appearing when it should and finally got around to using AIFP to check for FS9 traffic files in my FSX installation. It found two, one WOAI and one packaged with some add-on scenery. I used AIFP to convert the WOAI file and eliminated the...
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    FSXA Ground Polys Disappearing

    I have added ground polys 1 thru 4 on runways at TAPA per the attached FSX screen shot. Polys 1 thru 3 disappear when zoomed in but 4 does not. The airport, background and runways are all shown to be at 60 ft elevation in ADE. The polys are at layer 23 or 24 with lines at layer 24. I would...
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    FSXA STOL Runways

    I used the STOL runway marking option for the first time in an effort to duplicate the markings at TVSM. The attached screenshot shows my problem with the STOL marking and the runway designator marking being superimposed. Is there any way to use both the STOL and designator without this...
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    FSXA Compile Error Message

    I am currently using ADE v01.70.6028 and am getting the message: Could not find a part of the path E:Downloads\ade_169_5930_rcl_full\FSX\Xml\TFFR_ADEX_AP.xml when compiling after editing a default airport (with the xml file name varying according to what is being edited). I'm not...
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    FSXA GP Line Backing Texture

    When I create a line for a taxiway shoulder, the painted line pattern is fine but the asphalt backing texture is stretched the length of the line. What am I doing wrong? I see in the definition files that the taxiway shoulder texture is 100F and the asphalt texture is 20F, but I assume that...
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    P3D v3 Use FSX .bgl in P3D

    I don't have P3D and upload files compiled only for FSX. I was contacted by someone using an FSX airport scenery in P3D complaining that the taxiways were missing. Is that due to using the FSX .bgl? He installed another airport scenery for FSX that has no issues. What could make the...
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    FSXA Can't Find Traffic File

    AIFP is a great tool that I have used to create traffic file for my own use. However, it is not helping me find a rouge traffic file. I recently noticed two Beechcraft Barons following each other at an airport in the Bahamas and suspected that there were duplicate flightplans on my computer...
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    FSXA Floating Taxiway Signs

    Why after modifying an airport with ADE would the taxiway signs float in the air? The default airport elevation is 5 feet, which is not changed with ADE. There is nothing in the scenery\world\scenery folder for the airport. The signs appear to float about 5 feet above the ground. The default...
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    FSX Compile Error Message

    I tried to compile for the first time with FSDS installed on a new Windows 10 computer and got an error. Can anyone tell me what all of this means and what the corrective action is?
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    FSXA GPs scaled-down from size entered

    What have I done to cause ground lines not to be the same width as entered when they are created? If I enter a line width of 2.0 feet, the line shows in ADE (and FSX) as 0.61 feet, a line entered as 0.5 shows in ADE as 0.152 feet. This means that all lines are being reduced to 30% of what is...
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    FSX Jetways not Showing at AddOn Airport

    I have been getting emails for several weeks from someone who can't see any terminal jetways in a couple of airport sceneries I have uploaded to the AVSIM library even though they see them at default airports. From what they tell me, everything is set correctly in FSX to see the jetways, and I...
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    FSXA GP Suppression of Autogen

    After placing ground polys in ADE throughout the airport (KSFB), I encountered the problem of losing autogen within the black outline in the attached layout (as explained in the GP manual to be a bounding box problem). Following the manual's suggestion, I compiled three separate areas of ground...