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    FSX 3ds Max-PP3d SDK making LODs?

    With the TestX.max sample File that comes with the SDK I can add, remove and change the LODs to my heart's content. In the Interactive LOD Window, a method for viewing the LOD switching as it would theoretically appear in the simulation, things work perfectly. However, when I start with a...
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    FSX CAT and 3DS Max?

    If made into a FS9 MDL with Model Converter X, will CAT work with a 3DS Max animation? Thanks.
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    3ds Max and Prepar3d

    Starting the discussion. I'm going to call myself a of digital art student. I'm learning 3ds Max and Photoshop and most recently, I'm working with 3ds Max and the Prepar3D SDK to make objects for FSX. I am investing the effort in 3ds max because of its popularity with video game developers...
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    FSX PP3D Game-pack Plug-ins Installation for 3dsMax 2012 in Windows 7 x64

    Hi, I have 3dsMax 2012 student addition if that matters. I want to install the PP3D Game-pack Plug-ins. I'm running Windows 7 x64 and FSX with acceleration. I'm rather intimidated by the installation instructions: "User Created P3D Plug-ins Install for 3dsMax Win7 or Vista Tutorial" I'm not...
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    FSX Output MDL only displays removed textures.

    Made an object. Then needed a similar object with different textures. Saved old object under new name, modified it and applied new textures. Completely removed all instances and references to old textures. Verified that by viewing export XML file. Yet the output MDL displays the old textures...
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    FSX Trouble Fixing Surface Normals

    On some of my my models I have a polygon or two with the Surface Normal Indicator on the wrong side. When I try the Fix Surface Normals function the faulty polygon turns transparent and will not display a texture. The Surface normal indicator does move to the correct side. I can provide...
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    mdl tweaker II inverts imported mdl files.

    When opening a file mdl file with mdl tweaker the object is inverted left to right and I think top to bottom. Textures are likewise on the wrong sides and the object is rotated 90 degrees to vertical. The same untweaked file opened using modelconverterx or placed in scenery displays...
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    FSX Advice? FSX conditional object workaround

    Can this be done or am I asking too much of FSX? I want to have a hanger door open during the day and closed at night. I thought to do it with two conditional MDLs, day and night, but I understand that FSX MDLs cannot do conditional display. I would prefer to make the hangers in...
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    FSX First scenery project uploaded to AVSIM

    Rio Vista Municipal Airport in northern California. File name: The scenery is closely modeled on the actual airport. It features many of my own scenery objects and some ground textures worked from Google Earth images. The area around the airport was giving significant...
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    Adding files to downloads section

    Discussion thread for Adding files to downloads section. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
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    Ground Polygons - Applying (Gmax)

    Discussion thread for Ground Polygons - Applying (Gmax). If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
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    FSX How to generate a bgl without placement code?

    I'm trying to place my FSDS objects using Airport Design Editor. The problem is that because the objects have placement information they show up automatically in FSX and are faced in the wrong direction. If I leave the Lat and Long blank in project properties the bgl will not generate. So, How...
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    Library Object Manager and File Placement?

    Originally and by accidentally, this was originally posted over at the 3D-design page. I hope, I'll have more luck with this here. I have created a new Hanger in FS Design Studio and Compiled it to a BGL file. If I place the file in the Addon Scenery Folder or the Scenery\Global\Scenery...
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    FSDS setup problem

    I'm running and setting up FSDS for the first time. The difficulty is that the program setup asks for the path to the Model Definition File. I can not find this file on my computer. I have done a system search, without success. I have tried contacting Abacus Tech Support but they have...