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  1. KL791

    P3D v3 Installer and configurator for Global AI Ship Traffic P3D FSX

    Hi The Global AI Ship Traffic project has grown very big (3 GB of files, 800 ships, global shipping routes) and logical next step would be to include a configurator and installer for P3D and FSX, which could reduce and increase regional shipping density; change between traffic with classic ship...
  2. KL791

    P3D v3 Global AI Ship Traffic FSX and P3D

    Three years after the start of this project the complete package is now available on,,, and The new package "Global AI Ship Traffic V1" includes all files and corrections published in the project previous to April 2016...
  3. KL791

    Creating a Global AI Shipping Package for FSX

    A month ago I uploaded to avsim, simviation and flightsim the first part of a project aimed at creating a more realistic AI ship traffic for FSX. The package included 63 ships modeled in GMAX and AI ship traffic for North West Europe and the South American East Coast. Since then two more...