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  1. irombeach

    Merry Christmas from LIPH

    Merry Christmas from a new project: LIPH Treviso Sant'Angelo!!!
  2. irombeach

    New tutorial about wind animations

    Hi all, thanks to Arno for Wiki module. A nice idea!!! Bye Claudio :wave:
  3. irombeach

    How much time do you spend flying vs designing

    Before wedding: 80% scenery design, 10% flying After wedding: 0,5% scenery design, 0,5% flying, 90% house works :rotfl: Bye Claudio Quote: Hm...flying? I'm spending more time with scenerydesign then I fly around. Usually it's only testing textures or new objects with a heli in slew mode.
  4. irombeach

    Mdl To Bgl

    No way for MDL to BGL!!!!
  5. irombeach

    LIPV Photoreal 2005 - Venice Vfr scenery

    It's arrived! LIPV VFR Scenery 2005 is arrived!! Avaible tomorrow (29.9.2005) on AVSIM. ('Claudio Grassi' as Keyword). Best regards, Claudio Grassi :wave:
  6. irombeach

    Forum's dump

    Why not create a zipped dump of the Forum , in HTML format, plain text or PDF? Bye Claudio
  7. irombeach

    mdl to bgl?

    It will be an useful thing for any scenery's designers...Please help us! But exist an alternative way: look on AVSIM for 'A guide to creating (almost) static aircraft in Fs9' by Patrick ''. Hi, Claudio :wave:
  8. irombeach

    Handy Maxscript for effects...

    Thanks a lot Nick! Claudio
  9. irombeach

    Hi again. Textures.

    Ahhh... three times on the same face!!!! Sorry!!!
  10. irombeach

    Hi again. Textures.

    Few words... Select Unwrap UVW from Modifier List, then Select Face and click on your first object's face, if you want to add a face just shift down CTRL and add another face (Better use Perspective view). Once selected faces just press Edit in Parameter option and edit UVW as you want. All...
  11. irombeach

    Again about 'Rotation to wind 2004'

    Yes! It works, but something continue to happen. Windsock works perfectly. For the stands, simple objetcs without animation, it's been necessary an exportation with 2002 gamepack 'cause 2004 gamepack exportation objects not show in Fs. Thanks to Horst18519. ;) In attachment there is my...
  12. irombeach

    Again about 'Rotation to wind 2004'

    I just found a 'myheadbug 1.0' :o :o My Gmax was set on Inch instead Meters! What a fool!!! Tonight I'll try to export my project! Thanks a lot! Hi Claudio
  13. irombeach

    Again about 'Rotation to wind 2004'

    I've already exported the windsock as object to be rotated, but it remain still, and huge. I've readed about huge object and XML scale in but I suppose that trick it was for a bug visualization.
  14. irombeach

    Again about 'Rotation to wind 2004'

    I've designed a windsock (see gmax file), I've read a TD that explain how make a 'rotation to the wind' but I still have some problems. :rotfl: 1. huge windsock (after tweaking myproject_0.asm as described in Arno's TD) 2. my object still at 0 degrees, inanimate :banghead: Is possible...
  15. irombeach

    Activating scenery automatically

    I'm looking for a good-freeware installer that permits a scenery-self-installation... Best regards Claudio
  16. irombeach

    LIPV Photoreal 2005 - Venice Vfr scenery

    LIPV Photoreal and Venice VFR Scenery, soon on AVSIM!! Best regards Claudio Grassi
  17. irombeach

    Apllying a bit map to terrain

    There are many tools: SBuilder, Photo Scenery Maker (?) ... These tools are very user friendly! Hi, Cl :) audio
  18. irombeach

    Happy birthday to ...

    Thanks to Arno, an incredible guy :wave: Thanks to everybody! Internet is a better place with :santahat: Claudio Grassi
  19. irombeach

    Autogen doesn't show up around my airport

    Question solved. FS 2004 autogen will not be displayed in close proximity to an airport due to the associated airport exclude. GianP has produced a library of ‘autogen-like’ trees which use the default textures and another which uses Gerrish Gray’s textures, which can be placed near to an...
  20. irombeach

    Autogen doesn't show up around my airport

    Do you created an EXCLUDE Bgl to suppres default airport? I have the same problem. But I suppose this forum explains how to resolve it. I'll take a look around. Another question regarding autogen: I'm looking for a tutorial that explains vegetation options ('density'). Bye Claudio