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  1. JonPatch

    FSXA Unhandled Exception Error

    When I install ADE 1.6 on my new Windows 8.1 machine, I get the following unhandled exception error when I try to run the program. If I right-click on the executable and Run as Administrator the program works, but this is clunky. Solution? See the end of this message for details on invoking...
  2. JonPatch

    Wiggles and waggles

    Is there a solution to the issue that AI ships following an AFCAD taxiway waggle slightly when passing through nodes on a corner? AI aircraft as far as I can tell don't do this. Why the difference? And nope, I mean a solution other than using an FSX boat traffic file.
  3. JonPatch

    Objects not appearing in P3D

    I have a situation where a couple of objects that show in FSX when copied to the P3D folder do not show up. Several FSX library marina objects are not showing, and the other instance is a custom xml-placed object.
  4. JonPatch

    FSX Boundary Fence doesn't appear

    Boundary fences have always worked fine for me, but at one airport it doesn't appear at any angle. Any idea why this would occur? I"m using the same procedure I always did. Application Engine Jon
  5. JonPatch

    FSX FS8/FSX Ground poly conversion: alpha issue

    First, I love this FS8/FSX ground poly conversion feature! Zowie! But I have an issue: one of the polys was lacking an alpha channel in my FS8 version. I've added it to the DDS but the revised alpha doesn't mask the areas I chose in the converted poly, either in the tool or the sim. Is there...
  6. JonPatch

    FSX Disappearing helipad surface

    Folks, I have a helipad at a certain altitude sitting on a flatten with the same altitude. However from low angles, or from a distance, the helipad texture disappears. We've tried lowering the flatten and raising the helipad (including start location) exaggerated amounts and the problem still...
  7. JonPatch

    FSX Erratic line drawing with apron links

    Folks, I'm seeing bizarre behaviour with line drawing. Previously (some time ago!) this worked fine, but now, even though I specify a link to not have any type of line it either (a) has no line, (b) has a line and/or (c) may or may not draw line to an adjacent parking spot. As well, if I do...
  8. JonPatch

    FSX Runway designations: number/letter combo

    Jon, a runway at CYNJ has been re-designated as 25A/07A, but ADE will only allow me to call one end "A" and the reciprocal, "B". Is there a way around this? Jon
  9. JonPatch

    FSX Combining BGLs

    I have an older facility I'm upgrading: it had the AFCAD in one BGL and taxiway signs and fencing in another (the latter both in XML and BGL). What's the easiest way to combine all this into one ADE file? Jon
  10. JonPatch

    FSX Gmax measurements wrong?

    Here's a weird one: I created an object in gmax with measurements from a satphoto, but when placed in the sim it appears smaller: a 250m object shows up as as 200m in the sim. This is verified by both satphoto measurements and a reference aircraft size (my test measuring stick aircraft)...
  11. JonPatch

    FSX Varying building height on photoscenery agn

    Folks, It's been a while since I annotated an airphoto, but I seem to recall that building height could be specified for each LOD13 cell. However I'm finding that the height distribution I specify in properties is applied to the entire airphoto. This makes it difficult to assign higher...
  12. JonPatch

    gmax Material Editor missing

    Folks, for some reason my material editor has vanished. When I click on the icon, the panel does not come up. Any ideas? Jon (64-bit Vista)
  13. JonPatch

    Airport altitude again

    How do I change the airport altitude? Or change the ARP? EDIT: ah, I see from the manual I can't change the altitude. Oops. And a feature request for the future: start locations and runways should all have their own altitudes, defaulting of course to the airport altitude... Jon
  14. JonPatch

    Adding aprons and taxiways over an image

    I've just started today using ADE, and so far it's working great. Good work, Jon et al! My reference is an airport chart from the Alaska DOT. I have added this as a background image, and registered it to the correct location. Now how do I refine the taxiways and aprons when they are...
  15. JonPatch

    Conditional Effects

    Anyone figured out a way to have effects controlled by the user? Specifically turn on and off runway lighting based on the user tuning a particular comm frequency... Jon
  16. JonPatch

    Reminder to developers: don't overwrite terrain.cfg

    Developers like FSAddon and Ultimate Terrain have been careful when adding entries to the terrain.cfg to respect entries already in place. However we found one product that overwrites the file with the Ludowise-Feliz-Tirado terrain.cfg. This is a Bad Thing. They made a reasonable assumption...
  17. JonPatch

    Helipad graphic - not!

    In FSX XML, how do I specify a helipad that has no graphic? At a minimum I get an "H"... and I want nada so I can overlay the MS triangle graphic we use here in Canada... Jon
  18. JonPatch

    Flight storage

    FSX no longer allows folders to contain sets of flights to allow easy browsing by the user. Rather non-mission flights seem to be only retrievable by date created, in one long list. Anyone come up with a better system that we can include easy-to-find flight scenarios in our products? Jon
  19. JonPatch

    "Makemdl not found..." again

    For reasons unknown my FS2004 gamepack gmax exports abort with this classic error. I have checked: - MSXML installed - Environment variable %GMAXLOC% set to correct path for gmax - correct files appear in plugin folder (makemdl.exe, makemdl.cfg, FSModelExp.dle) - nothing in the error log...
  20. JonPatch

    gmax fails to start

    This morning when I clicked on my gmax FSX gamepack shortcut, the cursor turned hourglass for a few seconds then returned to normal. I tried the gmax.exe in the main gmax folder as well. There is no further response. A gmax process appears in the task manager, but no GUI appears and there is...