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  1. adr179

    FSXA FSX model killing BGL_LIGHT

  2. adr179

    Is it possible to convert FSDS made files...

    ... into something that can then be imported into google sketchup? I'd like to make some scenery objects created with FSDS, available also in g-Earth. Any ideas what would the best procedure be?
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    FSX moving airport produces headaches

    H E L P - this time I'm really stuck. Situation: made a pretty complex airport but background image wasn't properly aligned, so I need to move everything roughly 16 meters just along the only runway axis. There's only one runway, but I'm using two more to facilitate intersection take-offs...
  4. adr179

    FSX What is considered as stock navdata by ADE?

    My problem: Some time ago (approx. 2 years) I compiled a bgl with additional waypoints to reflect changes in our airspace and that file was recognised both by the sim. and by ADE as being "stock navdata", points also showing their correct properties. Now I need to do an update again, so I...
  5. adr179

    Distance of pushback vehicle from parking spot

    I do apologize if this was covered already. I did searched for solution of my problem but couldn't find any thread covering it. The point is I work on an airport that's pretty space limited and if I want to put the parking spots into their real world positions and use correct parking radius...
  6. adr179

    FSX Getting rid of runway lights partially

    Hi everyone, I'm designing an airport that has very wide(75 meters) high speed intersection. Connecting the intersection to the runway is not cancelling runway edge lights, so I have a stupid looking situation where runway edge lights are displayed right on the center line of connected...
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    FSXA Propwash effect on elevators-does it work at all?

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to modify otherwise quite nice flight dynamics of a taildragger that only has one obvious problem - the tail raises very late during the take-off roll. I checked both center of lift and COG positions and they seem to be positioned adequately(plane spins as...
  8. adr179

    FSXA a simple xml gauge that works in FS9 but not in FSX

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to make a relative simple variometer gauge that works in FS9, to work in FSX where it doesn't - for no obvious reason.Vertical speed indication itself works, but there's a portion of gauge code that shoud turn the McCready ring and that part works in FS9 but not in FSX...
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    Why is this code ignored by AI

    I made a fithfull copy of a published ILS approach to LJLJ, but all of it's segments but last one from FAF to the runway are completely ignored and aircraft instead of flying to the IAF are being vectored over three counties onto a 30 miles final when coming northern sector, division line seems...
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    ADE9X not excluding anything - FS9 mode

    I tried my first FS9 project with ADE9X. First of all I wanted to get rid of default autogen and library stuff, so I made a considerable number of exclude polys, all tagged "exclude all". My settings of ADE9X are such that final result is a separate objects bgl + resulting xml files. At first I...
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    A prewiev of (finally) almost finished Slovenia for FSX

    link to You tube movie
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    How to prevent AI plane to use certain surface type of runway?

    Aircraft types.csv, among other parameters states that certain aircraft types can only use hard and other can use both hard and soft surfaced runways. I read the FS X Sim object container SDK- aircraft configuration files and that parameter is not described at all too be a part of any...
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    simple task;change airport name - no result

    I tried something really (should be)simple today: for one of my airports of interest, I tried to change city name to reflect current status and tried to add state. This is a stock airport and resides in folder 0601/APX52150.bgl. As said, I changed city name and inserted state(county) name, saved...
  14. adr179

    parallel runways, one hard, one soft

    In FSX I have an airport with parallel runways, one is 2.5 km long and is hard surface, the other north-east of it is 1.3km long and soft surface, both runway's heading is ~325 degrees. I'm trying to achieve a situation, where GA traffic would only use the soft runway and bigger aircraft would...
  15. adr179

    GPS display problem

    This code: <Approach type="NDB" runway="33" designator="NONE" suffix="0" gpsOverlay="FALSE" fixType="NDB" fixRegion="LJ" fixIdent="MR" altitude="950.976M" heading="326.149994"...
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    Number of transitions offered by ATC

    Building transitions on my modification of a defult airport, I bumped into an interesting issue. There are 4 transitions on my airport, default had just one, but when flying and asking for another approach, I was always offered only two choices, even knowing there should be 4 of them. At first I...
  17. adr179

    Modifiying Aircraft.csv or aircraft.txt file - is it a viable solution?

    Just one line from SDK's fs10.AircraftTypes.csv: BE58-3b,Beech Baron 58 Paint3,200,40,120,50,661,4000,HARD,6,RAMP,50,yes,no This 4000ft minimum required runway lengh is what bothers me right now, since I'd like to use this aircraft (and some other that use the same or even higer value as...
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    Flatten- now you see me, now you don't

    I came across an interesting problem: On an airport with sloped runway i have basically two scenery locations with objects, difference in altitude is 11 meters. Runway was made as a model in GMax, surrounding terrain is adjusted with sloping polys, objects scenery locations are flat within the...