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  1. ddawson

    P3D v4 Genuine custom events

    I'm throwing this out there because I know over the years there has been interest expressed. LM seems to have realized this. With the PDK, you are now able to create custom K:Events. Yes, I'm talking about syntax like this: 3.14159 (>K:SetPi) You can also create custome A:Vars: (A:GetPi...
  2. ddawson

    P3D v4 Fun with the PDK

  3. ddawson

    P3D v4 64 bit terrain following

    Here is my first attempt. It does not use a sim object. The PDK allows the retrieval of elevation information at a point specified by the programmer. All you'll have to do here is populate the L:Vars for each point to retrieve and then read the results...
  4. ddawson

    Sound gauges updated

    I just wanted to let everyone who cares know that there are new versions of both the 32 and 64 bit versions of the xml sound gauge available. V5.3.0 and V1.2.1 respectively. Doug
  5. ddawson

    Hotfix issued. Although the fix is mostly about SimDirector, what interests me is that they claim to have fixed SimConnect_WeatherRequestCloudState.
  6. ddawson

    FSXA Sharing data in multiplayer

    I'm trying to use a gauge to create a client data area on a multiplayer server instance of SimConnect. The simconnect.log file on the server tells me that the gauge is connecting to SimConnect. It is creating the client data area. However, when I try to set a value in the client data area...
  7. ddawson

    FSX C++ OOP examples

    I thought I would extricate us from the other thread... I think you will find the best example available is the Cabin Comfort module in the SDK. This one is not a gauge, but a module loaded through dll.xml. The FS gauge structure is so heavily based on macros that for simple gauges, an OOP...
  8. ddawson


    Gaugesound.dll - anyone here still using it? I've built a knock-off that has a few more features (including volume and pan control) if anyone would like to try it out. Doug
  9. ddawson


    In response to a few requests received, I broke down and created the most basic of websites to provide access to some of the gauges I have done. You can find it here: As I say, not much to it, just a list of files. I suspect that most people here have most of these...
  10. ddawson

    Arne Bartels' Traffic Radar XML

    I was able to get Arne's source code re-arranged to compile and load for FSX. I have uploaded the revised package to Avsim. It will presumably be available in the next 24 hours or so. Doug Edit: I have submitted the file for approval here as well.
  11. ddawson

    XML: Loop Using a Goto

    Discussion thread for XML: Loop Using a Goto. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  12. ddawson

    Sound for C++ Gauges

    Also posted over at Avsim... Now that I have created the thing, is there any interest in a gauge that will implement sounds for other C++ gauges? Doug