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  1. johnk51

    P3D v4 KSMF new scenery

    Does any one have the new object terminals for KSMF that will work in P3D v4.5? I have a fsx one, but the terminals don't show and I don't know how to get them to work in p3d v4. Areosoft has a KSMF but they haven't made it compatible. The default KSFM is old with the old terminals.
  2. johnk51

    P3D v4 Can't compile Taxi2Gates LFPG for P3d v 4.5

    I upgraded to p3d v4.5 the other day and also purchased LFPG. I went in and add some approaches and add gps approaches that weren't there. Then when I compiled the afcad, I got compile errors. I ran the fine errors and fixed a few thing. Even after that it still has errors. (#C2034, #C2003...
  3. johnk51

    P3D v4 Final approach alt.

    I resently upgraded to p3d v4 from fsx:se. I was fixing the approaches for kbna and there were new waypoints for the final. The thing I couldn't do was put in the alt as the approach plate showed. In fsx:se that option was there. Is this a p3d thing? I do have them setup though.
  4. johnk51

    FSX:SE Ray Smith's EDDM

    I down loaded Ray Smith's newer EDDM the other day. Everything was showing up. I opened it up in ADE to add some approaches and fix some of the parking spots (some had medium gates that were heavy. And I like to have GA parking with directional parking location I.E E_parking. When done I...
  5. johnk51

    Replacing Alabeo C177RG GNS 530 with F1GTN 750 in 3D

    I'm trying to put the F1gtn 750 in place of the gns 530 that's in the plane. I can get it to show, but the gns 530 frame is still around the gtns 750. I can click around the 530 frame and pop out the 750 to 2d. Is there away to remove the bezel of the 530 so the 750 and its bezel shows? I...
  6. johnk51

    FSX Library Objects

    Are there any library objects for stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes? Or ones like McDonalds, Burger King, and other restaurants?
  7. johnk51

    FSX Number of approaches

    Is there a limit to the number of approaches to any airport. 2 of my airports are KLAX and KORD. How many approach transitions can you have. Sometimes when I on approach and ATC tells me 1 approach I ask for another, but when the approaches come up sometimes they are there and other times...
  8. johnk51

    FSX Gate markings not flat on ground

    I have the gate markings library objects that work pretty good. I add them to my kind, but when approaching the gate they are sticking up about 6". They're still on the ground but not flat on the ground. I have other airports that have them with no problems. The altitude is set to 0. Can't...
  9. johnk51

    FSX AIFP not seeing FSX-SE

    I've been trying to get AIFP v3.1.14 to use fsx-se instead of fsx. I've even changed the fsx.cfg so aifp wouldn't see fsx, but it doesn't see the fsx_se.cfg. It has me find it, but then aifp sets everything to fs9. I use to have it but not any more. And it won't let me change it from fs9 to...
  10. johnk51

    FSX KOKC terminal building

    Is there away to remove part of the kokc terminal that is no longer there? It's the part that sticks out where gate 24 should be. On google map it's gone and the DAL gates are now there.
  11. johnk51

    FSX No AI traffic at KMSP

    I have KMSP scenery by Martin Connor. For some reason when I start a flight there, there is no AI traffic. Before I got this scenery I had other afcads and traffic was there. If I sit there, planes start landing an taxi to their parking spots. My other airports have their traffic if I start...
  12. johnk51

    FSX compile or import error

    I was trying to compile a new KMEM after making some changes. But when I did, it said the required operation requires elevation. I don't know what that means. I upgraded to win 10 64 bit today. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. It might, I tried another file and got the same...
  13. johnk51

    FSX !adetempworkonly problem

    Today when I was working on my airports, it started not compiling. I have v 1.66555 and prokey. It doesn't give any errors, it just acts like it's compiling then goes away. It doesn't show the airport compiled when done. I then looked at the ade folder and found the !adetempworkonly folder...
  14. johnk51

    FSX Runway numbers

    Is there away to change the size of the numbers on the runway. I have an airport KPFC that is only 30ft wide. So the numbers 14/32 are wider than the runway. But looking at Google maps they have them fitting the width. So I'm hoping to shrink them down. Can I do this?
  15. johnk51

    FSX Error compiling EHAM Aerosoft

    I'm now having problems compiling Eham. This is what I get, and then what the xml lines show. Compiler Errors Found. These were not identified by the Issue Manager. Please let us know what the compiler error is so that we can improve the Issue Manager. The compiler message is shown below...
  16. johnk51

    FSX GP covering parking spots

    I just created a ground poly to have a dark asphalt at the terminal parking. But now the taxi lines and parking spots don't show. The taxi lines show till they hit the gp apron. How can I get them to show?
  17. johnk51

    FSX YSSY waypoints

    I'm trying to add waypoints for YSSY into ade. I have the charts which has a lot of new waypoints for rnav that fsx doesn't have. But I don't have the coordinates for them, they're just there on the charts and I could kind of guess where they go. For the USA there are sites you can go to to...
  18. johnk51

    FSX Parking spots

    I've read a lot of post about larger planes parking in smaller spots. I have fsdt kdfw. In the D terminal I have a large number of heavy spots with 31m. In the A terminal I have some heavy spots with 24m and 26m for the 762,3 and 763w and 764's. However, I will get T7s parking in the B...
  19. johnk51

    FSX ADE MMSD no comms

    I got an afcad of MMSD with updates to the stock airport. I made some changes to it to make it more like the real airport. Add some generic building and jetways and such. I had to make a exclude autogen because of shrubs and plants on the taxiways. But when I went to contact the tower, there...
  20. johnk51

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