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  1. aging simmer

    Animated anemometer link to windspeed?

    I see that conditional display is discussed elsewhere on this site. Cancelled query. Cheers, Mike
  2. aging simmer

    _xtomdl error

    Anthony, you're a whiz! Would you believe that since uploading, I've gone through every part and removed anything that was not an ordinary character, but didn't think of the "&" in the texture. Followed your advice and it's compiled OK. BTW, I've tidied up a few things since that upload. When I...
  3. aging simmer

    _xtomdl error

    Thanks for your response, Jean. MakeMDL not used. This is the only project I have this problem with. As mentioned, I even deleted all parts and put a new part in the same file name, and it compiled properly. I've also imported the fsc into MCX and can see it properly, but when I try to compile...
  4. aging simmer

    _xtomdl error

    Hi All, I've been quite happily using various versions of FSDS, now on 3.5.1. I put together some buildings and sent bgl & textures off to FSX. So far OK. Later I modified a texture and somehow managed to introduce an all-over black, which I assumed was an alpha sneaking in. (I had no...