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  1. Ripcord

    P3D v4 Oakland International Airport (v1.1 released)

    You don't need to open their file. You just create your own exclusion in the location where the problem is. As long as your scenery is located above ORBX FTX regions, it should work.
  2. Ripcord

    P3D v4 Oakland International Airport (v1.1 released)

    Can you not just create an exclusion file right there?
  3. Ripcord

    P3D v4 LFNJ Aspres-sur-Buëch FSX P3D4

    It is nice that you found some humor in the question. I've never seen any other product that requires three separate exe files to install, so in that regard, I think you might be a pioneer in the industry. I have, however, seen other installations that have multiple files but one single...
  4. Ripcord

    P3D v4 LFNJ Aspres-sur-Buëch FSX P3D4

    Actually no. It is exactly like that. Maybe give it a try! Or did I not need to run all three? No instructions - at least not in English - so I just assume all three exe files needed to run.
  5. Ripcord

    P3D v4 LFNJ Aspres-sur-Buëch FSX P3D4

    Installing this now - thanks for the sale. Looking forward to giving this a try this weekend. Can you help me understand why I need to run three installer programs and enter my password each time? This is a bit much, don't you think?
  6. Ripcord

    P3D v4 Samui Airport upgrading to P3Dv4

    Woooo! Yes. I was going to ask if you maybe were planning to do this, Tic. You are the best!
  7. Ripcord

    P3D v4 Foronda 2020 (LEVT)

    Any plans to update the legacy products you have to work with P3D v4? ... Granada, Santander, LLeida, and so on? Actually I should try them as is, maybe some of them work fine already. EDIT: and in fact, they do. a little something going on with LEDA and some poly but I think I can sort it out.
  8. Ripcord

    EFHN, EFNU and EFHF released

    Sorry to hear that - the tragedy is that your Finnish dev group has many so many good models which could be converted/updated to P3D without too much effort. It is the ground work that takes time, I suppose. Just seems like so much good work is going to waste. Maybe another talented person...
  9. Ripcord

    EFHN, EFNU and EFHF released

    Hey man, I am really appreciating these. I hope you find time in 2020 to convert a few more.
  10. Ripcord

    P3D v4 EYPA - Palanga Intl.

    alrighty then! Good to see you are back!
  11. Ripcord

    DC Designs FA-18E / F and EA-18G Super Hornet package for FSX / P3D / X-Plane

    Wow they sure do! I know those guys, and I didn't even realize they had all these posted. I think they have painted just about every hornet squadron out there. Thanks for directing me over there.
  12. Ripcord

    DC Designs FA-18E / F and EA-18G Super Hornet package for FSX / P3D / X-Plane

    Dean just ordered this, and just installed it. Typing this while the sim is firing up. I will say this: this package is begging for some repaints - might have to pump out a couple really basic lo-viz renditions.
  13. Ripcord

    EFHN, EFNU and EFHF released

    Just noted these - great work, downloading now.
  14. Ripcord

    P3D v4 Orsta Volda Hovden [ENOV]

    Love those Norwegian regional airports - looking forward to this one when it is ready. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Ripcord

    P3D v3 Global AI Ship Traffic FSX and P3D

    Henrik, as we say here in the US - if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying.
  16. Ripcord

    P3D v4 LIMS Piacenza -Work in Progress

    Great job on the hardened aircraft shelters.
  17. Ripcord

    P3D v4 Foronda 2020 (LEVT)

    I am still using your old version of Foronda, so I will be glad to pick this up when you release it. Thanks for sharing these - looks great.
  18. Ripcord

    P3D v4 KPGD Punta Gorda

    Hey, that is coming right along, sir! What method are you using to make ground textures? Apparently you have modelled an object in some kind of editor and you are texturing that. What are you using for that? GMAX or Blender or something else?
  19. Ripcord

    P3D v4 MMGL Aeropuerto Internacional de Guadalajara

    These look great guys!
  20. Ripcord

    DC Designs F-15 Eagles package

    Well very nice!