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  1. Mardley O

    how to... make grid LOD?

    Hi Dick.. Thanks for the file attachment, u save my time n thought.. :D BTW.. does the gadget work with GMapCatcher? nevermind i'll try.. :cool:
  2. Mardley O

    how to... make grid LOD?

    I see…thnx well, I'll try to sort that out.. I prefer doing all my drawing (line/polygons) in GlobalMapper, later export n finalizing them back in Sbulider for compiling purpose..:)
  3. Mardley O

    how to... make grid LOD?

    first of all.. sorry if the question is not relevant inhere..:confused: okay.. is it possible to make grid LOD in Global Mapper.. i.e, something like the grid LOD's found in SBuider/SbuilderX; menu.. view..Display Grid.. if that is possible.. then how to make a reference grid such as LOD11...
  4. Mardley O

    disassemble landclass bgl

    is there any special tool to disassemble landclass file? anything like bgl2xml.exe, NewBglAnalyze.exe or scdis.exe thnx
  5. Mardley O

    Run-time error ‘430

    the first installation was using the installer, I did register the .dll include in the batch (.bat) file the last time (last 2 weeks) it runs ok and everything's fine…within that I haven't install any new program or software…only most recently I'm doing the online winXP updates
  6. Mardley O

    Run-time error ‘430

    mdl_tweaker_2 v2.0.0.266 Message Error Run-time error ‘430: class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface any solution to fix this error? I'm using FS2004
  7. Mardley O

    FS2002 gamepack ground polys

    Arno! well...then we should thanks to you very personally...for the greatest job and all your efforts to make FS scenery more ease and understandable…and thanks to anyone who make this forum alive!..:)
  8. Mardley O

    Editable Mesh or Poly?

    Thanks Mike, for the info I’ll get LOV, sound so good.
  9. Mardley O

    Editable Mesh or Poly?

    Hi Mike Thanks…I’m getting a clearer view about this…and I always doing Boolean operation in polygon mode as what I have been practice to this point…certainly what is ACM all about? Can it be use to facilitate LOD for scenery model as well?
  10. Mardley O

    Editable Mesh or Poly?

    Thanks Arno, now it’s clear indeed I’m wrong by saying 12 sides…is the count of 6 internal and external sides…I put out of my mind about the triangles you’ve mentioned. Certainly the Boolean operation is my main concern…because it generate more polygon then we have expected. And Bob…that’s...
  11. Mardley O

    SDE Release Version 0.90.2624

    I like this tool...any SDE version to work with FS9?
  12. Mardley O

    Editable Mesh or Poly?

    What is seem to be a practical way to convert of an object….say if you have a box object…convert it into mesh…I’ll get 12 (selected object) or I would say 12 sides (6 internal & 6 external/visible sides)….then converted it into poly…I only get 6 (selected object) or 6 visible sides. If I...
  13. Mardley O

    EZ-Landclass 3.00 Beta

    Thanks for the update:) ...I've been using EZ-Landclass for a long time
  14. Mardley O

    A few basic questions re SCASM...

    Arno…Am I right by saying XML is said to be the standard “programming code” for FS2004 scenery designer although SCASM is still accepted…and is BGLC means for SCASM code compiler on the other hand BGLCOMP is for XML?
  15. Mardley O

    Flatten Files

    Using SBuilder, a freeware GUI scenery designer by Luis Sa; current version 2.05 rev 06
  16. Mardley O

    Adding an ILS to an existing runway in FS9

    you're the way the ILS documentation is in the navaids section of the help file...look for topic; Working With Airport
  17. Mardley O

    Adding an ILS to an existing runway in FS9

    Simply use AFCAD 2.21 for FS2004 by Lee Swordy. Comprehensive help how to insert ILS is included in the help file. ...or you also can use SceneGenX.
  18. Mardley O

    Happy Birthday Arno!

    Yep! first post within this forum essentially for your birthday!...:) I've been the forum observer for long...and thanks for providing this amazing help me a lot with my scenery creations. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...Master!