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  1. ibanez737

    Ortho Layering in XP11

    Hi all, I'm getting my feet wet with X-Plane development, trying to see if I can port some of my FSX/P3D airport sceneries over. My original FSX airport scenery has two PR resolutions, 30cm for the airport area, and 60cm for the surrounding area. I've run them through WED and they both appear...
  2. ibanez737

    Library Creator for P3D4 .X files?

    Hi Arno, I'm transitioning to 3DS Max (from 15 years using Gmax...) and learning about P3D v4 for the first time, so bear with me if I'm screwed up here. But based on the P3D4 SDK, it looks as though the latest 3DS max gamepack doesn't allow for exporting MDLs, only .X files. Is this how you...
  3. ibanez737

    Displaying Library Objects in Alphabetical Order

    I've imported a rather large library into MCX, and I'd like to generate an Object Report with all of the objects in alphabetical order. The trouble is, the objects are all out of order (or perhaps they are ordered alphabetically by GUID instead of object name). How can I re-order them...
  4. ibanez737

    Textures Not Displaying in MCX

    Pulling my hair out a little bit here. I've installed FSX and MCX on a new computer, but when loading models I can't for the life of me get MCX to display the textures; they just show up as the black and white checkered pattern. For example, I import the default airport_objects.bgl library...
  5. ibanez737

    Processing holes also gives error

    Sorry for the joke in reference to my other post ;) I'm getting artifacts resulting, I believe, from scenproc attempting to process holes in my SHP data while trying to create autogen polys. See attached pic. Any ideas on how to eliminate this? Thanks, Scott
  6. ibanez737

    DONTPROCESSHOLES gives error

    Hi Arno, When adding the DONTPROCESSHOLES option to my IMPORTOGR line, I get the following error in the message box: "DONTPROCESSHOLES is not a valid OGR import option" Here is my IMPORTOGR line; it is virtually identical to the one in the manual's example: "IMPORTOGR|(my...
  7. ibanez737

    Batch conversion with AGN Tools?

  8. ibanez737

    Error with 'DETECTFEATURES'

  9. ibanez737

    "agnstats" - How Does It Work?

  10. ibanez737

    Trouble with text2agnx

  11. ibanez737

    Custom building textures using SETAGNBUILDINGTEXTURE

    Where does the building texture specified by SETAGNBUILDINGTEXTURE need to be located in order to show up properly in the sim? Is defining this texture for the buildings in ScenProc and then putting the texture in the correct folder all that's needed to make custom building textures? Or do...
  12. ibanez737

    Weird veg polys created by ScenProc

    I tried to compile some AG for my project using ScenProc. While it did result in AG being created, I noticed in the sim that a lot of the AG had pretty inaccurate placement. After opening the files in Annotator I saw that there were many artifacts, lines, and general weirdness in the polys...
  13. ibanez737

    Successful run but no AGN

    Well, sceneproc is now running without any errors, but I can't get it to produce any autogen files. I'm trying to make polygon vegetation from a shapefile. I have verified that the shapefile is in the WGS84 datum and is using Geographic projection. Here is my sceneproc code...
  14. ibanez737

    'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' Compilation Error

    When attempting to compile in SceneProc, I get the following error: I am attempting to compile a SHP into Polygon Veg AG. I tried the various fixes described in the following thread, but to no avail...
  15. ibanez737

    Gmax MaxScript Startup Error

    Hi all, I've installed Gmax on my new rig and thought I followed all of the rules, but now I get this error upon gmax startup. Anyone know what it's talking about and how to fix it? Thanks, Scott
  16. ibanez737

    Creating fictitious mesh

    Hi all, I'm probably opening an enormous can of worms here, but is there a good method for creating fictitious DEMs covering a wide area? My idea is to create a large fictional island in FS. I know it will be a big PITA, but I just want to see if it's possible :D I seem to recall that...
  17. ibanez737

    I have pics of Lihue, Kauai

    Ironhand released a beautiful photoreal scenery of Kauai a few days ago (link here); if you haven't seen it yet it's really spectacular! However, the main airport of Lihue was left mostly unaltered. If anyone is interested, I have a very good set of shots of the airport and terminal taken by...
  18. ibanez737

    Geotiffs with water/blend alphas?

    Hi all, I'm trying to make some photoscenery. Wondering if it's possible to add blend masks or water masks to a Geotiff to avoid a lot of hassle, or if I have to use a different format. What techniques do you people use? -Scott
  19. ibanez737

    How to do airport photoshoots without getting shot/prosecuted

    Not everyone understands our little hobby, and never is this more clear (to me anyways) than when I want to take photos of an airfield for the purpose of making a scenery. It used to be that I would drive out to my airport of choice and start snapping away until someone tried to stop me, and...
  20. ibanez737

    Ground poly transparencies - alpha or material?

    I'm following Bill's tutorial on creating layered runway ground polys. Was wondering how to make the top "overlay" texture semi-transparent. Initially, I tried setting the Opacity to 70 in the Material Editor, but the overlay remains fully opaque in FSX. Are you supposed to use a DXT3...