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  1. Gerli

    Today is Microsoft E3 Presentation

    The streaming is at 4pm ET / 1pm PT on 6/9/19 and will be Xbox only... but what if they announce a new Flight Simulator? I will not hold my breath but... who knows..?
  2. Gerli

    Regarding FSX Library Objects...

    I have A LOT of buildings, vehicles and props in a shared library that I made across all these years on FSX and FSX:SE... now I want to start working on something for XPlane 11 and the question is... Can I use that library on X-Plane? Do I need to take all the MDL's individually and compile a...
  3. Gerli

    FSX:SE Now what..? (Gmax and Windows 10, new problem?)

    So... the right click stoped working on gmax suddenly... no errors, no warnings... just one day it just...stop. Is this a new problem with Windows 10? Did someone experience the same problem? Restore the keybinding to default values didn't fix the problem. Edit: Tried compatibility mode and...
  4. Gerli

    Next-Gen Terrain modeling and texturing (Video)

    Awesome panel at CitizenCon discussing ¿New? technologies applied to terrain materials and textures. Maybe not all related to Flight Simulation, but very interesting indeed. The terrain looks fantastic and it's somehow made with procedural tools. The interesting part starts at 35:40 The game...
  5. Gerli

    E3 2018... No Simulators in sight...

    It's kinda sad no one of the big publishers are developing new simulations... not even military flight sims... we're a niche after all :(
  6. Gerli

    Flight Unlimited 2K16 FREE on Windows Store

    Hey... it's FREE! :p
  7. Gerli

    Remember when Autogen Density was a problem?

    The future is here it seems... :eek:
  8. Gerli

    FSX:SE Improving the looking of (Big) Interiors

    So, this is the current state of my small project, I made some improvements on the textures and geometry of the hangar, but I can't get the "right" feeling of it... like it's something wrong about the lighting (and really FSX is not made to make these things...) What I can do to improve the...
  9. Gerli

    Flight Sim World THE JOURNEY BEGINS Dovetail Games’ much anticipated flight simulation platform is coming soon to Steam Early Access. Be sure to check back here for screenshots, video content, and much more!
  10. Gerli

    No more Dovetail Flight School?

    So I was watching Frooglesim news and seems that Dovetail has remove FlightSchool from Steam and you can't buy it anymore. So... what's next?
  11. Gerli

    Amazing Cloud Tech

    Also Star Citizen is geting there too:
  12. Gerli

    FSXA Z-Fighting on Taxiways

    I have some seriuos Z-Fighting in my taxiways when they cross ¿under/over? the runway. maybe I'm doing some wrong. What can be causing it? Thanks guys!! :)
  13. Gerli

    This is Awesome

    This is like my dreams coming true :wizard:
  14. Gerli

    FSXA Can I make this in GMAX for FSX?

    So I wonder if I can make a Lifter/elevator/platform like this and be able to use to go from level to level inside a.... something like a carrier.... Thanks in advance guys :wave:
  15. Gerli

    FSXA [Fictional] South Ataria Island

    So the project is recreate the entire South Ataria Island as seen in the Macros TV Series (Know as "Robotech" across all America) so the player can explore the scenery and interact with the different airplanes and helicopters from the Sci-Fi show as AI traffic. This is the SDF-1 "Macross"...
  16. Gerli

    Placing Aircraft as Estatic objets in FSX

    Hi! I need to place certain aircrafts as STATIC objets...(To make a museum with the decomissioned aircrafts of a Friend VA) so.. It's possible do that in FSX? Thanks in advance!
  17. Gerli

    Problem Exporting from 3DS7

    Hi.. I have a problem with the export.. ¿Is this Ok? So when... And puf.. ¿I'm doing something wrong? :( Here's the file for check...
  18. Gerli

    Done the Gmax task and now...?

    Well.. finally all the pieces are in place... but I need put trees in the scenery. Having all made in Gmax ¿What do you guys, recommends? ¿Put trees in Gmax too or use another tool? ¿What tool can I use?
  19. Gerli

    Odd Problem with BglComp

    I have an extrange problem here... the simple task of click in a XML file and drag to BglComp.exe works fine since I start using gmax but suddenly... isn't working anymore... extrange... from a day to another, the BGL file don't appeard... so I try with old files.. and nothing... download a...