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  1. gggdude

    AI Object/Aircraft control

    Simple question what is the best way to eliminate 'jitters' 'jumpiness' when controlling AI Objects, aircraft? This issue is only really annoying when flying in formation. I have tried many methods: (listed below) using Freeze Ids, using and not using AIReleaseControl, slewing, (takes...
  2. gggdude

    FSX server and client

    sorry, chose to remove post, project site to be announced soon, with beta release
  3. gggdude

    Navaid Tools/A complete collection of all navaids and airports in FSX!

    I have written some software that works on top of a very popular bgl to xml conversion program. I used the bgl to xml conversion program from another developer to extract each bgl to an xml file (navaids, airports, vor's, ndb's, isecs, etc) Then I wrote some software that extracted each element...
  4. gggdude


    First of all I would like to congradulate you on SimConnect. FS community is large and loves to add on to flight sim. This is perhaps the single greatest reason why so many people use Microsoft Flight Simulator. Being 'developer friendly' should be a top Microsoft priority. I have some...
  5. gggdude

    Navigation Data

    I am building an FSX server, which is good alpha software right now. I have rewritten my own simconnect sdk/api so that I do not have to use any of the microsoft simconnect api and can connect directly to FSX with my own socket based program. Considerable work has gone into this effort. The FSX...