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  1. JCRL

    Boeing 787 for FS9/FSX

    Hello guys I'm here to announce that I'm interested in start making a Boeing 787 model for both Flight Simulator versions: FS9 and FSX Right now I'm collecting some photos from and jetphotos websites and some material from the Boeing website, but if there's another website for...
  2. JCRL

    Problem with Boolean

    Hello guys, It's been a long time I don't post in the forum I have a problem with Gmax trying to cut a box using Boolean, and the Cut isn't very accurate (according to the object I selected as the Operand B), check the original objects, the blue is the one I selected as Operand B I...
  3. JCRL

    Help with my first USA scenery

    Hello guys I was wondering if somebody can help me with a project I'll start, I'm interested in make a USA airport for FS9 and FSX (I was thinking in Southwest Florida/Fort Myers Airport or New Orleans, but you can suggest me another airport, but please don't ask me to do a big airport like...
  4. JCRL

    Gmax and bitmap resolution

    Hello guys, I have a problem trying to make a 3 view planes for an airplane, is about the bitmap, look The bitmap that shows gmax The bitmap I want gmax to show I don't know how to make the gmax put the images with the right resolution (from the second image), I need gmax to show...
  5. JCRL

    Asrock Wolfdale1333-D667 can work with Windows 7??

    Hello guys, I wanna know if is possible to make the motherboard Asrock Wolfdale1333-D667 to work with Windows 7 64bit, if is possible, where I can download the drivers??? because I looked in but only can see the drivers for...
  6. JCRL

    Slats in gmax??

    Hello guys, I almost finished my wing, designed the flaps, airbrakes and the stuff that are below the wing as I don't know their name :rolleyes: But still need to make the slats and I don't know a easy way about how to make them I need your help, please Thank you
  7. JCRL

    Gmax - How do you make the wings??

    Hello guys, I'm new in this subforum and I wanna know about the most used ways for make the aircraft wing with the flaps included in Gmax Thank you :cool:
  8. JCRL

    Embraer ERJ-170, should I reactivate it?

    Hello guys, I wanna share with you a work I was making a few years ago, it's a Embraer ERJ-170 that I was making thanks to the help fom the Project Open Sky guys, since it was my first gmax aircraft, I don't know if I should reactivate this project (and make the ERJ-175, ERJ-190 and ERJ-195...
  9. JCRL

    Arc shape with more than 3 vertices??

    Hello guys I'm here for ask if there is a way to make an arc (shape) with more than 3 vertices, because I made one, converted it to Editable Spline and only shows 3 vertex and I want to make one with 20 vertices, How can I do that? Thank you
  10. JCRL

    FS2004 SBuilder can't put photoreal textures over water

    Hello guys Another problem with SBuilder(FS9), I made a photoreal scenery using a .bmp image with the alpha channel and the night image, the three bmp files have the same dimensions (11962 x 5537) In the land, the photoscenery shows itself perfectly, but in the water (water polygon), I can see...
  11. JCRL

    FS2004 How to calculate CellXDimensionDeg and CellYDimensionDeg values?

    Hello guys I have 2 .bil files for a mesh ready for use with Resample FS9, the .inf files are almost ready, but I need to know, is there a easy way to calculate the CellXdimensionDeg and CellYdimensionDeg values?? Thank you :cool:
  12. JCRL

    A question about building realistic textures

    Hello guys, I saw a lot of sceneries in the Showroom section, very awesome :eek:;) and I wanna know how the designers take the realistic textures for 3D buildings (terminals, hangars, towers, etc), they take the textures from photos (and use the photo perspective) or they made the textures by...
  13. JCRL

    Altitude points from SBuilderX polygons are lost in SBuilder

    Hello guys I was trying to make a polygon in SBuilderX with an altutide in each point of that polygon, but when exported as a .BLN and opened in SBuilder(FS9), I check the altitude of the points and the properties says "0" in the altitude field :confused: Is there a way to import a...
  14. JCRL

    FSX What's wrong with this plane?

    Hello guys, I was doing a photoscene in gmax for FSX using the FS2004 gamepack, following this tutorial But the plane isn't in the right position, let's say it's flipped and splitted in 2 polygons Here the...
  15. JCRL

    BGLC_9 isn't compiling

    Hello guys I recently made a plane with Gmax, and tweaked the .asm files as explained here but when tried to compile with the BGLC_9, nothing happened because there is no .bgl file generated Here my tweaked .asm code I made the same plane again, tweaked again, and tried to compile again, but...
  16. JCRL

    FSX ADEX - orphaned ILS stopped compilation

    Hello guys, I was trying to modify an AD2 file from stock with the ADEX for FSX, but when compiling, it shows this message Looks like there are two ILS, yes, there are both ILS with the same ident (IMIQ), and according to ADEX, both ILS are from stock, and one of them is currently orphaned...
  17. JCRL

    FS2004 Free distribution of modified FS9 files, can I do it?

    Hello guys, since I designed a lake overwritting the default lake by modifying some of the original files from FS9 folder, I wanna know if I can distribute it for download or can't I Thank you
  18. JCRL

    FSX Question about the photosceneries

    Hello guys I have a very newbie question :p about the photoreal sceneries, is recommendable to use photoreal sceneries made in Gmax (in my case it covers the airport area only) and the photosceneries made with SBuilderX/Resample (it covers all the airport and the city area) all together? or...
  19. JCRL

    FSX BMP or DDS??

    Hello guys, can you tell me which one is the most recommended texture file, the .bmp or the .dds?? I see some FSX sceneries uses the .dds textures instead the .bmp but I don't know exactly the difference between those files in FSX Thank you
  20. JCRL

    FSX SBuilderX Videotutorials for make photoreal sceneries

    Hello guys I wanna share with you some videotutorials I found on Youtube that explains how to make a photoreal scenery using the SBuilderX, here the links