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    FSXA BUMP - Stock airport won't go away - v1.76.6715 STILL AN ISSUE

    I'm working on KIKV - Ankeny Regl (0202\scenery\APX23170.bgl stock airport) and cannot get the taxi signs to go away without going in and renaming APX23170.bgl file. That however also takes out 46IA airport which is within that BGL file so it is not a 'cure'. I have double and triple checked...
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    FSXA ADE 175 - Cannot get Custom Line textures to appear

    Since update to V1.76.6715 from ADE 170 I cannot create a custom line. When the GP Editor (V2.2.16) comes up, there is no indication of available 'Line Pattern/Style' or 'Main Texture' for that matter, they are grayed out. Checking the texture folders, all are there and all have the contents...
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    FSX map and associated ICAO codes - ANTIQUES

    In other threads, I can see that there are numerous errors in the FSX ICAO codes, but this one is slightly different. Can anyone tell me what file(s) are associated with the map that FSX uses? It apparently has a database somewhere in the system, but I have not been able to find it. It is...
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    ADE 1.67.5684 - Exclusion Rectangles

    Saw this in 1.65 so I did the update to 1.67 and have the same thing happening. When you attempt to draw an Exclusion Rectangle and place your cursor in the upper left and then drag to the lower get an error flag stating that "Exclusion Rectangles need to be drawn from top left to...
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    FS2004 CAT problem after compile

    Hi All... Anybody out there have a cure for this one? Hangar created in GMAX (1.2) places and functions as expected (the doors continuously open and close). The files are processed with CAT V0.94 (Thanks Arno) without error and a good compile is shown. Filename_cat.ASM is...
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    CAT Question

    I have been working on a series of lighthouses along the shores of the Great Lakes, primarily in the State of Michigan. I think I know the answer to this one but it sure would be nice if I were wrong. Does anyone know of a way to trigger a WAV file using CAT? I would love to trigger a...