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  1. linden

    crooked textures in model converter x last development release

    I have a weird error when i try to convert a texture in MCX via the texture converter, the texture seems to be crooked while they are straight in Sketchup self, i tried to convert them via the texture converter in MCX, but this problem shows up, is this a bug in MCX ?. Here is an image as an...
  2. linden

    VOHS-VOBL release will be soon, files uploaded already to avsim

    After a while unable to developing, now i'm back, things are going very well again, thanks god, and of course i have continued building airports, and still developing, more asian airports to come! On this moment only for FSX and FSX-SE platforms, because the P3D development needs some intensive...
  3. linden

    unfortunately I have to stop with development due to my troublesome form of autism and diabetes

    Dear simmers I have been a number of years active as a developer of freeware sceneries , but I suffer from a dire troublesome form of autism and diabetes, it is the rapid development for me to keep up with , I know I 'm good at designing the buildings and objects of airports but I do not come...
  4. linden

    VOBL India in development

    Beside the WADD scenery, I started working on another airport too, it will be the VOBL airport in India, here a first screenshots of this new project by day and night.
  5. linden

    Denpasar Bali airport in development

    a long time ago I started also the work on Bali in Indonesia I started it back in 2012, and it was frozen a long time, until now, I resumed the work again. And the work is in a very advanced stage now, but still a lot of work to do Here are the first screenshots of my new project. approach look...
  6. linden

    xishuangbanna gasa airport (ZPJH) in development.

    Hi everyone, Like my story in the kunming thread, I will not let take me down. Underwhile I will continue with the rest of the taxiway signs for Kunming airport. But it is now for download on Avsim. I started a while ago witha new airport in China too. This time it will be the xishuangbanna...
  7. linden

    PGSN Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport released

    Hi everyone, beside Kunming I have also worked in silence on Saipan airport too, and the result is very good. Now I have released this scenery, it should be avialable on Avsim today Here some screenshots of the PGSN airport
  8. linden

    FSX default buildings show up overcustom made scenery

    I have a weird problem with an addon I made. I created the MWCR airport for fsx, and i got several e mails from people they have default buildings trough my scenery I adde a screenshot of their situation, doe anybody know how to solve this issue? many thanks Morten.
  9. linden

    default buildings show up overcustom made scenery

    I have a weird problem with an addon I made. I created the
  10. linden

    Kunming Changshui airport in the making

    I started a time ago with a new airport project, the new kunming airport in China for FSX Here are some screenshots of my new project: M Van der linden
  11. linden

    Guam x v3 beta test

    I am working hard on my Guam scenery, to make it better than the previous version was Because my previous version was a FpS killer, I want to know how the frames are now, I have resized many files to smaller formats, and reduced the amount of BGL files Also the volumetric grass is deleted...
  12. linden

    Where to find the header and lat range (scasm)

    Hello. I am making a costum runway and i have some question about it How can i find the header, area number, and the lat range for scasm runway Thanks linden.
  13. linden

    Palau International PTRO in development

    Hello guys, thanks for the feedbck on my previous project, I have started a new project, Palau International airport, it's a small airport on (Babeldaob) island Here is the first screenshot of this new project. Does someone have the SCASM code for the runway of PTRO? Thanks. Linden
  14. linden

    Help wanted with a scasm runway

    Help wanted with scasm runway lights over costum runways Hello I have made costum runways for PGUM , but i have a problem to understand the scasm lights methode for invisible runways Can someone help me to make scasm runway for the PGUM scenery for fsx to provide runway lights for it over...
  15. linden

    How to make scasm invisible runway

    Need help with creating a scasm invisible runway for runway lights in FSX Hello guys. I am making the Guam airport for FSX, all things are going very well, exept the runway lights. Now i'm reading the scasm topics, but i don't know how to do the scasm invisible runway can someone help me...
  16. linden

    Guam intl airport in development

    Hello all My first airport project LFBE in France was finshed a time ago, but due to family circumstances, and a computer crash, i could not announce my first project finished, as I had planned to announce. Now you can download LFBE for FSX from, file name: a time ago i...
  17. linden

    Unsupported RIFF section: @?

    Hello I have a problem when i want to convert to a MDL file, i get the following error i hope someone can help me thanks.
  18. linden

    have a problem with export to MDL in model converter X

    Hello everybody. my name is morten. I have a problem with converting to MDL i made a model with google sketchup , and when i want to convert it to a MDL file it says. 7:03 PM XtoMDL Information error : Error loading .X file: (C:\Users\linden\Documents\kansai RJBB airport1.x). Is it a...
  19. linden

    Bergerac LFBE airport

    Bergerac LFBE (Roumaniere Airport) in France :DHello. My name is Linden and I am new to this forum. I trying to develop LFBE (Rouaniere Airport) in France. I have quite a lot of experienceWith drawning, and it seemed fun to make a scenery for the airport of Bergerac (LFBE) in France for...