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  1. Severin

    CYYB North Bay/Jack Garland Airport

    Hi everyone, Merry Christmas. Here is what I've been working on for the past few months. I'm nowhere close to finishing,so I'm on it.
  2. Severin

    Convert and Place Object Wizard error

    Anyone else has offset problems using the wizard? I thought it was a problem only local to MCX 1.3 but its recurring in the "Developmental release".I have attached a photo from using both versions. Arno,time permitting,could you have a look at the problem? Because,after modelling the groundpoly...
  3. Severin

    Windsock Animation

    Good afternoon, I'm interested in learning the art of programming and in this case,a windsock to be used in FSX.Where can I find some good information? Thank you.
  4. Severin

    CFB North Bay/ Jack Garland Airport - FSX Freeware

    Hey guys,good-day,I was wondering if there are a few people on here interested in joining hands to create this airport. I have a vast amount of reference images to aid in the development.This will be a high quality but free scenery. Please let me know if you're interested. Thank you.
  5. Severin

    FSXA CNB2/National Helicopters - Bolton,Ontario, Canada

    I am still working on it.This is what I have so far.
  6. Severin

    INF - BGLCompiler error.What am I overlooking?

    I can't seem to find bug causing the "Internal Error" at compile. Image files are named: Kumasi.BMP & Kumasi_BlendMask.BMP Please help.
  7. Severin

    Stop and Say Thank You

    Good folks,this evening, I just want to stop and say thank you to all the amazing people here(not trying to exaggerate my feelings here folks).I've come to find out how this hobby of ours can be tedious but time and time again come here with your problem and someone is ready to help you out.I...
  8. Severin

    Populating specified area in 3dsMax

    Hi everyone, does anyone know how to populate areas in 3ds max? I've made my grass objects and I'd like to cover the airfield with it.I don't want to use array because I'm afraid it won't look realistic and I dread dropping all the objects one at a time? Any suggestions? Thank you.
  9. Severin

    Is this subpanel available in Blender?

    Gentlemen, I've spent countless hours trying to figure out how to map asphalt textures(to my ground poly) in Blender. Sorry to disappoint but I gave up on it.It was easier with 3ds Max 2015 with this L W H option. Hence I brought all my ground poly work back into 3ds Max but I'd like to know for...
  10. Severin

    FSXA Approach Lights

    Hi folks, I was wondering if there are any tutorials on how to code approach lights? Thank you.
  11. Severin

    FSXA GlobalMapper

    Hi good folks, I recently heard about GlobalMapper(on YouTube) and was wondering if there are any tutorials out there about using it for FSX scenery development. I would like to know a bit more about this program. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Severin

    FSXA How do you eliminate empty planes around images?

    Good evening everyone, I was able to make a 3D grass however,there is this empty space around the grass that makes it look odd when you pan around it in MCX. I have attached two images illustrating the plane. How do you eliminate them? Thank you.
  13. Severin

    GMax - Groundpoly error

    Hi everyone. I've attached two images to this post.One shows the groundpoly in Gmax and the other shows the ground poly in FSX.What could be the problem? I'm using FSX Materials in Gmax. Thank you. I have placed the textures in the right locations in FSX too.
  14. Severin

    Runway ground poly disappearing.

    Hi everyone, I've been working on a ground-poly and there seems to be a problem with my method. First, I use rectangles to develop the runway then I convert it to a mesh. Then, I apply my asphalt texture. Doing that alone, I am able to see the ground poly in FSX(having transferred via MCX)...
  15. Severin

    "Soft Concrete" Platform - Helipad

    Hi everyone, so, I've made a helipad in 3DS Max 2015 with the "Cone" primitive object. Then added a platform "Concrete" to that cone with the ACES Tool. Anytime that I go to land on the helipad, I sink right through it. What could be the problem? I've tried the approach of making a separate...
  16. Severin

    FSX Terrains

    Hi everyone, just a curious question of mine. What would be the best way to create realistic mountains for FSX? I was thinking of using Meshes(play around with meshes) ->(convert) -> Objects. Severin
  17. Severin

    Ground Poly texture problems- I need help

    Hi all, I am creating my groundpolies with Blender and this is what my work flow looks like. Create ground poly -> Smart unwrap in "UV Editor" mode -> Export layout -> Apply texture(Photoshop CS 5) -> save as .dds -> Apply texture in Blender -> Export to MCX etc. The bottom image is what I...
  18. Severin

    Its time I make some general contributions..I think

    I've been working on these helipads.My plan is that, they will go into the "Resource" section for downloads. Its my contribution yet to this great community.
  19. Severin

    FSXA DGSI - X (Kumasi Airport, Ghana)

    Hi all, I'm starting a new project which is DGSI( in Ghana, West Africa). It will be my very first full project. I'm currently modelling the terminal and tower this is what it looks like yet.
  20. Severin

    3ds Max 2015 - Texture Export Failure

    Hi all, having this problem with materials, anyone has any idea what's going on?