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  1. nach752

    FSX SAME El Plumerillo Intl. released, freeware

    Hey, I just released this scenery! You can download it through my website Hope you like it, feedback is welcome. I would like to spread my venture as much as posible, what do you recommend me? that's the main reason its free.
  2. nach752

    FSXA SCASM Lights not working correctly

    Hi, the runway lights I made by SCASM code with Airport for Windows are looking like this in a third party machine. What could it be? The machine has a 3.4Ghz processor and 1Gb video card Nvidia GT440.
  3. nach752

    FSXA Help with volumetric grass

    Hi, I have been following this thread and the tutorial in the wiki, I have a problem with the texture, the grass looks with a white edge, do you know how to solve it? I think is something related to the alpha test value...
  4. nach752

    FSXA Help with taxilight texture

    Hi, I'm trying to create my taxilights with textures with a grayscale alpha and i can't get the result I want, I have attached an screenshot to show you the problem. If i set the alpha test value higher the light looks more like a blue circle. What should i do?
  5. nach752

    FS2004 Help with custom mesh

    I've been trying to solve this for hours with no success... the mesh in FS9 looks wrong placed. In TMF viewer looks shrunk horizontally This is my inf file [Destination] LOD = Auto DestDir = "." DestBaseFileName = "samedem" BuildSeasons = 0 UseSourceDimensions =...
  6. nach752

    FSX replace multiple selections in Annotator?

    Is it possible to replace multiple selected vegetation rectangles to an other kind of vegetation i want? i have thousands of trees that shouldn't be conifers so i have to replace them for Poplars... do i have to draw again more than 1000 vegetation rectangles?
  7. nach752

    FS2004 Night light issue with 2d grass textures

    I've seen in many sceneries that this doesn't happen, i managed to create an empty _lm texture for the grass so it doesn't show up at night, but it could be great to keep it without this problem. Solution? Thanks.
  8. nach752

    FS2004 problem with .X exported from 3ds

    I installed the plugin for exporting .X files in 3ds Max 2014 from here I read here in fsdeveloper that this extension could be loaded to MakeMDL in order to generate a .mdl But i get the following error log (the model is animated) Running model...
  9. nach752

    low poly cars

    I have bought this models for my scenery, but i'm afraid they are not as light as i had expected... is there a way to easily reduce the number of polys in this models in 3ds max or other software?
  10. nach752

    FS2004 SAZN Neuquén, Argentina

    Hi, i'm currently working in this scenery for fs9, i will make a fsx version too. Regards, Nacho
  11. nach752

    FS2004 Rare lines in the ground

    Hi, this problem appears in the scenery im currently working on... the issue appears sometimes, not all the time... it seems to be something related to the ground polys. What's the solution? Thank you
  12. nach752

    FS2004 Removing shadows

    Hello i'm sorry if this topic was covered before, if so, i couldn't find it. I would like to know what parameters should i put to remove shadows of a .mdl object... Till now i have used parameters only for DUSK/DAWN/NIGHT/DAY configs.. Is it possible to remove shadows too? Thanks.
  13. nach752

    Yahoo Satellite maps

    Hi, I would like to know about the restrictions to use the satellite images provided by yahoo maps. I sent an email to the Yahoo developer network but i didn't get an answer yet. Has anybody had an experiencie with yahoo regarding this topic before? I'm concerned about copyrights infringements...
  14. nach752

    Need advice in FSX design

    Hi everyone, i have created sceneries for fs2004 and i want to make a fsx version for my next release, what are the main differences in the process of design for a fsx scenery? is there any tutorial for this or an old thread? Thanks
  15. nach752

    Appron Lights

    hello nach752! can you please be so kind as to direct me to where i can donw hello nach752! Would you please be so kind as to let me know where to find and download Bill's library? i am going nuts trying to find it! thanks mate! Javier
  16. nach752

    Run-time error: 75

  17. nach752

    PAPI and SCASM

  18. nach752

    Cordoba, Argentina SACO

  19. nach752

    MCX error