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  1. Tachyon

    Converting my FS9 airports to FSX

    ok - While waiting for a new tool like AFCAD (may it rest in peace) I'd like to convert my airports that I took so much time creating for FS9 to FSX. Is there a simple way to do this?
  2. Tachyon

    FX search

    I'm looking for an FX that is basically a white strobe. It flashes once. Is dark for about a 3-4 second period then flashes again and endlessly repeats this. Do we have this in FS9's stock collection? or do I need to mod one?
  3. Tachyon

    Fun with excludes and other retarded behavior

    From the mind of ... MS Ok So I've started another local rebuild (1C5) there are 10 generic buildings and two radar sites (wtf?) one each located at the north and south end of the single runway (no navids, dawn to dusk airport) with the generic buildings running more oe less between them. So...
  4. Tachyon

    Wind Turbine animation question

    Can I do an animated wind generator rotor via a gmax model only or do I need additional tools? Has anyone thought about varying the speed of rotation with wind speed?
  5. Tachyon

    Texture resources

    whoa ... another great texture resource site. (free)
  6. Tachyon

    Safety sign resource

    While searching for some texture resources I found this page. They make various safety and OSHA type signs in real life. But they have nice depictions of just about all their stuff online.... cut-n-paste or just check your designs against the real thing.
  7. Tachyon

    GMax Collision boxes.

    Does anyone know of way to "see" or otherwise edit a buildings collision box? I've got a simple 40'x50'x18' GMax hanger and it'll trigger a building collision in FS9 (I actually have several of these) when the nose of my baron58 is about 2 times it's length from the building. Is there a way to...
  8. Tachyon

    Multiples of an identicle building.

    As my first project and therefore learning test bed I'm correcting my local airport (KARR) to have all the current buildings, to scale, and distance proportions as correct as possible. There are a collection of rentable GA hangers at the east end that are all basically identical. A collection of...