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  1. Mameni

    P3D v4 Autogenerated Airport Terminals

    Hi guys, I have recently switched to ADE 1.78 and all the installation worked fine and except for the autogenerated terminals the rest seems fine. Here is my question: trying to improve stock SKRG I placed some new buildings taken from the Airport Objects list. When P3Dv4.5 opens at the airport...
  2. Mameni

    Autogenerated Libraries

    Hi guys looking to amuse myself under the virus quarentine I decided to update some of my ADEX Airport Terminals. Trying to do so I started to look for Library Object Autogenerated terminals that appear on must airports, for example one that reads: Library Object, Name...
  3. Mameni

    P3Dv4.5 No Electricity

    Hi guys. Suddenly all of my airplanes do not light their instruments and they are all dark. The ATC window indicates No electricity and therefore does not work. Engines work Has anyone had this problem. I really don’t what to do. Appreciate some help
  4. Mameni

    P3D v4 Triple airplanes

    Hello, can some one please tell me why is it that every time that I create a flight plan, instead of having 1 designated airplane, 3 of them show up following the flight plan from start to end ie the 3 planes depart from the airports one after another as if they where 1.
  5. Mameni

    ADE 1276

    Hello guys, Just wonder why is it that after having succesfully saved,compiled and runned a new airport that I have created using ADE 1.76.6715 in P3Dv4.5 when I get back to ADE to look or modify it, it simply is not there, neither under Open Airport nor Open Airport from bgl The airport has...
  6. Mameni

    ILS Heading

    Hello guys, Noticed on some of my airports modified with ADEX that when landing the airplane does not land in the center line of the runway and some times completely away from it, and the wind is not the factor. For instance on one of my airports SPSO the feather of the ILS, perfectly centered...
  7. Mameni

    P3D v4 Some aircraft not showing on P3Dv4.3

    Hello guys, Just wonder if some one has had this problem with some freeware aircraft. I have some that perfectly show and work with P3Dv4, but when placed in P3Dv4.3 they show in the aircraft list but the Preview Screen in the opening page reads No Preview Available and of course at the airport...
  8. Mameni

    P3D v4 New Airport

    Created a new airport with ADE 175 SBSG in Natal Brasil. Airport is OK and shows perfectly on P3D Problem is that once I create a Flight Plan for this airport using AI Flight Planner a window pops up indicating that there is no time Zone for this airport. just wonder if there is a way to create...
  9. Mameni

    P3D v4 ADE 1.75 & P3dv4

    Hi guys. Once again I seem to find some sort of trouble every time that I am in the need of changing some hardware on my PC. This time I changed the hard drive to get the performance of a SSD drive. Everything worked fine exept that airports saved and created on the appropiate setting paths, do...
  10. Mameni

    P3D v4 Edit Voice Pack XL

    Hi guys, I bought and installed edit voice pack XL 5.5.13 and I am using it on P3dv4 This is not my first time that I use edit voive pack, however it is the first time that I am using it on P3dv4 and have the following problem: Following the procedure that the software indicates, I have created...
  11. Mameni

    P3D v4 AIFP3 error

    Hi, I just installed AIFP3 in my new PC running win10 & P3Dv4, both new to me. As Administrator and after clicking on AIFP3 so as to start AIFP a windows pops up reading: Your current "Airport List.dat" file must be reformatted to take advantage of the latest features . Any airports that you...
  12. Mameni

    ADE175 and P3Dv4

    Hello guys its early morning and I woke up with something in my mind that needs to be clarified, and certainly I will appreciate your help and understanding. First of all let me tell you that I am starting a new computer, win10, P3Dv4,and my 1st.impression was the speed which is amazing, of...
  13. Mameni

    FSX Windows10 and Saitek Controlerw

    Hello,happy new year to everybody. Appreciate if someone knows how to handle the problem of Saitek Proflight Panel and Proflight Radio not working in win10 apparently because of win10 power managment. I just upgraded my PC from win7 and have this inconvenient.
  14. Mameni

    P3D v3 EFFECTS

    I am using ADE 170 in P3Dv3 and right upon opening ADE as Administrator a window pops up indicating that ADE can not find the Effects Folder inside the FS installation? Went back to my P3Dv3 folder to double check this and the Effect Folder is there. wonder if someone can help me with this issue
  15. Mameni

    P3D v3 EFFECTS

    I am using ADE 170 in P3Dv3 and right upon opening ADE as Administrator a window pops up indicating that ADE can not find the Effects Folder inside the FS installation? Went back to my P3Dv3 folder to double check this and the Effect Folder is there. wonder if somebody can tell me what is going on.
  16. Mameni

    Editvoicepack XL IN P3D3

    Hello guys, wonder if somebody can help me with following: I am running P3Dv3 on a separate HD(D) and Win7 is on the principal HD (C) P3Dv3 runs very smoothly and I have managed to add all of my airplanes and Fsdream GSX without any problem However I can not manage to install editvoice XL...
  17. Mameni

    P3DV3 ATC

    Hello, has anyone know why the ATC windows will not open when opening the vehicle ATC window? I point the mouse to where the ATC needs to be clicked to open it, and it does click therefore the ATC does not open . This happens by the way with all of my airplanes including the default P3dv3...
  18. Mameni


    Hi guys, as stated before, have just bought an Academic Prepar3D license. Have only used it very little but noticed when doing a flight from KRSW to Orlando Int.Airport, that when I opened the map window to check for the airpot's ILS and headings, just as one does with FSX., there where none...
  19. Mameni

    P3D v3 ADE V1.7

    Helo my friends,good morning from Peru. Installed ADE 1.7 so as to work with Prepar3D v3 and it wont compile after trying to set it up and I think it is not compiling because I have not been able locate de shp2vec folder in the Prerpar3D v3 SDK. I have been working really hard to find it...
  20. Mameni

    P3D v3 ADE V1.7

    Hello my friends, as always, looking for your guidance and help. i just downloaded ADE v1.70 and since also just installed Prepar3Dv3 cheked on the Prpv3 drop box in the new ADE 1.70 All of my previous airports open up. In the Setting folder I have the following: Scenery cfg folder...