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  1. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX What is problem with AI Traffic SODE

    Hello, I look like over Tower, oh SODE Jetways took not on AI-Traffic! WF Scenery as LatinVFR, how fix? See picture So, Work fine by FlyTampa! What is wrong Code, i let info to WF Scenery as LatinVFR Support! Thanks for help! regard Sebastian
  2. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX Some SODE Problem by Win10

    Hello, I write here frist about SODE.! I look by Win10 Check the computer's reliability and the problem. I show two picture.. The product has been reconfigured by Windows Installer. Product name: SimObject display engine. Product version: product language: 1033. manufacturer...
  3. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX Please help me little for RKSI Overland

    Hello all, I load a afcad of RKSI Overladen, over 256 Apron! I export two Apron from old RKSI! It work fine! But i see picture.. disappear runways...! How...?? I give 3x ADEX ZIP. How active runways texture..??? Links: Daten ADEX...
  4. EDDT-Sebi

    Problem with Multi Edit dialog

    Thanks yours best Design ADE X! So, i can not push down "Airline Codes Editor" Windows edge!! I can not see Text over edge. See picture.. Sebi
  5. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX Change to Flatte Polygon

    Hello all, I look AFCAD from AFX...! See picture: about Flatte Polygon I want not work with AFX Afcad, because to ADEX.. one problem...ADEX can´t load from AFX Date.. Polygon Flatte How change this apron to polygon...?? Sebastian
  6. EDDT-Sebi


    Hello, i work by AFD for KMCO T2G. Problem is taxiline and bridge..! How sould it Fix? I want fix it. How.. Maybe know yours to Fix? regard Sebastian
  7. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX ADE LTBA Taxi2Gate

    Hello, I work news AFCAD of LTBA Taxi2Gate. All beatiful! One Problem! AI Traffic can´t to ready to Runways 5! It wait wait to long..! Maybe can´t contact ATC??? I show picture. RWY 35R fine... AI Traffic stay near RWY5, wait wait....long time..!! COMMS.. right or wrong? Hold Short near...
  8. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX ATIS COM of OERK work not?

    Hallo, I look Database of OERK ATIS 113,3. But ADEX work not, because min 118,0?? Why..?? Look Database of List: wrong or right?? Sebastian
  9. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX Problem between ADE and AFX

    Hallo, I feel some wrong Date of AFX Date AFCAD, change not 100% Date to ADE. I see by AFX (Flight1) Date, see picture orginal Date of AFX (Tropicsim SAEZ 2013) AFX Flatten polygon ADE open date from AFX Date: Apron, Surface: Cement not some between Flatten and Apron I...
  10. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX Where is Download Scenry Objects Library

    Hello, I search been here as F&Q, not found it. Sorry...frist time for FSX.. I want download a Objects Library for Light, Trees, Building more...(FSX) Not found newyork_12.mdl as newyork_18.bgl Where... Importat List of... regard sebastian
  11. EDDT-Sebi

    FSXA Airports ICAO China not found

    Hello, I like with AIFP2, thanks for good tools. I know, that Airportlist_Base.dat know not a lot of ICAO China Airport. I want to update of AIFP2 "Bulk Updates" Airport. I search Download "Update Airports" AIFP2, not found..! regard Sebastian
  12. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX Change Radius parking?

    Hello, I like AIFP2, i learn more it! I want change "Aircraft Liste" about Radius FSX, default 32 to 34 of Airbus A340-600, because large body! AIFP2 can´t change it??? Sebastian
  13. EDDT-Sebi

    FSX Problem ProKey

    Hallo, I change now to FSX and news PC! I install ADE9, work fine! And i give Key for PRO, wrong key?? Is it for FS2004, only?? Sebastian
  14. EDDT-Sebi

    FSXA No Logo of AIFP2.exe

    Hallo, thanks much for Update, but i like not bad logo desktop of AIFP2, where is real Logo of AIFP2? Sebastian
  15. EDDT-Sebi

    FS2004 Help me about Approaches MMMX

    Hello, I understand not about Approaches Tutorial (english), how make to ADE9! Please, who want add to my ade9... why, i want a ai traffic.. Thanks Sebastian
  16. EDDT-Sebi

    FS2004 Problem XWind RWY compile

    Hallo Support, I found a problem about XWind..! So, i give Date of XWind Runways for Hamburg Airport. I see liste runways, was very fine..! than compile to BGL as XML I want to work next time ADE9 Hamburg, again! Load BGL EDDH, i check a runways liste, change self...! I...
  17. EDDT-Sebi

    FS2004 Where is ERROR blgcomp crash..?

    Hello Support, Sorry, i search been all forum, also bglcomp crash up...! Dialog say: AppName: bglcomp.exe AppVer: ModName: ntdll.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.6055 Offset: 00011689 I've checked KMSP ADE9, no errors ..! I give my ADE9 Date.. where is wrong?? Sebastian
  18. EDDT-Sebi

    FS2004 Parking code to much Error???

    I work afcad ade9 to kmem, a lot of park fedex! problem ICAO code park! see picture...! Why can it not?? sebastian
  19. EDDT-Sebi

    FS2004 Start ADE9 as shutdown very long..

    Hello Support, I feel not sure! I want start a program ADE9 on, very very long 1 min.wait. Than i will closed ADE9, oh some longe to closed! What is problem? My ADE9 is Pro. WinXP (SP3) thx for help.! Sebastian
  20. EDDT-Sebi

    FS2004 Problem Compile BGL/XML Airport..?

    Hallo, I forget it, again! Why can´t compile to BGL? I search been, not found! I make AD9 for Airport KMCO, not work to bglcomp.exe? :confused: Please help me, where date is problem of KMCO? FS9.1 XP Home (SP3) regard Sebastian