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  1. jyarddog

    P3D v4 How is this done

    step by step procedures in doing something like the attached file.
  2. jyarddog

    P3D v4 How is this done

    step by step procedures in doing something like the attached file.
  3. jyarddog

    P3D v4 ai planes do not show up.

    I have a scenery in FSX with trafic files and the proper planes. All runs well. I port this over to P3d4.5 AND the planes... no planes show up. Friend of mine has the exact scenery and files. His shows. .. planes all over the place. My lsiders were at less than 10% _ Traffic files all show 1%...
  4. jyarddog

    P3D v4 error message about direct draw

    I click on the preview pane and click on expand. and I get this message. I have checked my direct draw... no errors there. Expand works fine in all other panes.
  5. jyarddog

    P3D v4 textures will not stay on an object

    Placed a static plane. Mapped the textures with MCX. (had previous version now deleted), compiled showed up fine. copied and pasted to have two planes side by side. all shows well. Later added two more objects nearby. compiled In the game new stuff shows great but the two previous planes are...
  6. jyarddog

    P3D v4 preview pics

    for my saved flights, is there a way to take a screenshot and load it into P3D somewhere so a preview picture shows when I choose one of my saved flights?
  7. jyarddog

    P3D v4 compile error

    A good friend of mine is having a problem. When he goes to compile his project as mdl OR bgl.... he gets the message that FSDS cannot find xtomdl. We have gone to preferences and made sure FSDS is pointed to hisSDK... it is correct. This occurs whether looking to FSX or P3D. I even sent him a...
  8. jyarddog

    P3D v4 wake effects

    Do some wake effects work ONLY with moving ships? If not, which ones work on statics?
  9. jyarddog

    P3D v4 air India Grolup

    what is their website? All I can get is the airlines in it once but forgot how I did it.
  10. jyarddog

    P3D v4 animation triggers

    Posted elsewhere but posting here as well. I have an animated gate. Extends and retracts. I think I should make it so it only extends. I need to learn how to trigger this gate so it extends then trigger again so it retracts. IN..... P3D4.5
  11. jyarddog

    P3D v4 trigger a gagte

    Does anyone know how to trigger a gate? I have a nice gate that moves outward and back very nicely. Default gates use ctl+J for out and in. Can this be applied to start my gate and will it stop at the plane.... and then ctl+J to retract the gate? right now the gate moves out - when it...
  12. jyarddog

    P3D v4 odd position behavior in animation

    I've seen this happen on occasion but can't remember what causes this. in the attachment see the small squares and also the large rectangles on the ground? Those should be lined up with the lights. They are in FSDS but not here in MCX. Any ideas?
  13. jyarddog

    P3D v4 error animation message

    I am getting this failed animation message... after years of doing this I now get this message! Am I pointed to the wrong item in my sdk?
  14. jyarddog

    P3D v4 What does this mean

    P3d splash screen starts... then this appears. click ok and p3d continues fine.
  15. jyarddog

    P3D v4 texture issues

    Is there a problem with textures between P3d4.4 and 4.5?
  16. jyarddog


    To Gary and all. I want to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone in public if I have ever taken credit for something someone else has taught me. If I have it was unintentional. I do not run my life by taking credit for something someone else has taught me. I truly feel bad about this. I...
  17. jyarddog

    P3D v4 calibrating map from disk

    Using XbuilderX How do I calibrate a map from disk, NOT from background? step by step is most helpful.
  18. jyarddog

    P3D v4 obj does not show up in the game

    took out two libraries from the scenery sub folder. They were in the wrong positions. Placed those libraries outside the scenery sub. Opened ADE and added these libraries to my list. The libraries show the libs added. I then place a few objects. BTW- the placed objects show up yellow so the...
  19. jyarddog

    P3D v4 simdirector problem

    click on tools, choose simdirector - It loads to 69% and sits there. any ideas?
  20. jyarddog

    P3D v4 roads made with ADE do not show up in P3D4.4

    Is there an inherent problem here?