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  1. Gaiiden

    object bulk replacement

    I'm converting my airports to release with FTX Global freeware packs and one of the things I need to do is replace all the library objects I'm using with Orbx Library equivalents. Mainly its the huge amount of taxi lights I have at most airports. This is a bit of an edge case, but I've had to...
  2. Gaiiden

    [FINAL CALL] Second FSDeveloper Online Conference in April - Topics and Speakers Wanted!

    The second online conference for FS development will be taking place sometime in April, with exact dates to be determined by bother speaker and viewer availability. The first conference was focused primarily on proof-of-concept for content delivery; now that we have proven the Hangouts platform...
  3. Gaiiden

    Looking for dev laptop suggestions

    Anyone here work on a laptop? I need a new one and while I could just drop a G or two on something from the like of Origin or Alienware I'd like to stay under $1,000 since this will only be used when I'm on the road and not as a main machine. Note I'm not interested in actually flying on it so...
  4. Gaiiden

    GP Compile errors

  5. Gaiiden

    GP Line flicker

  6. Gaiiden

    default taxiway textures

  7. Gaiiden

    FSDevConf Feedback thread

  8. Gaiiden

    FS Developer Conference Dates Announced!

  9. Gaiiden

    FSXA LFLG Ground Markings

  10. Gaiiden

    Move Airport bug

    I lost track of where to report issues for v01.55.4860.23619. Using the Move Airport tool resets the altitude to 0ft, but I can reset it with the Raw Data editor.
  11. Gaiiden

    FSXA Crazy Artist

    I think I've graduated to that level where I don't even care if there's an easier way I just want to see if I can do it.
  12. Gaiiden

    no drawcall optimizing for some models?

    Second model I've had so far that hasn't shown a change in drawcall amounts when run through the optimizer preview. I have the 4096 texture sheet chosen and when the preview is done it shows the same amount of drawcalls before and after. I'm re-converting all these Collada models with the newer...
  13. Gaiiden

    FSXA Runway width 0 preventing takeoffs under ATC. Workaround?

    I set my grass runways to 0 width in order to hide them when using photoreal ground textures, since those do a fine job defining the runway and also I can't otherwise get rid of threshold arrows for runways that have thresholds. Not to mention the grass runway texture is pretty bleh. This works...
  14. Gaiiden

    drawcalls vs texture sheet data size

    I have a Collada model, and I'm looking to optimize it for FSX. So I load it up in the latest MCX dev release and set all textures to ^2, then I save them all as DDS - this gives me 15 textures totaling 373KB and 18 drawcalls. I run the drawcall optimizer and it tells me it can stick them all on...
  15. Gaiiden

    LFMD Development Timelapse

    Been wanting to do this for a while now and finally took the time to put it together using a FranceVFR project I worked on last month. What you are seeing is my main development screen only, which has ADE on it (and briefly Paint.NET as I edit the background image). I have a monitor to either...