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  1. Jessy

    FS2004 Sbuilder - Photo VTP Polygon, blend mask, file type?

    Hello all first of all Happy New Year and my best wishes for 2015. Second, I'm currently busy with a small project to represent all Belgian Air Bases a bit more accurate as the default ones of FS2004. The project isn't something really big, using freeware libraries to set the buildings etc...
  2. Jessy

    Variable 0060?

    Hi all as I'm researching some things with lights and fog and scasm etc I came across a scams file that uses variable 0060. I wasn't able to find this variable anywhere so does someone know what this variable does? Thx
  3. Jessy

    FS2004 [SCASM] light() - how to?

    Hi all I'm trying to place some single lights over my gmax ground poly using the scasm light() command. Unfortunately I have next to none experience with scasm and the online doc isn't really helping me out on why my single light doesn't show. neither can I finf an example file which shows the...
  4. Jessy

    FS2004 Custom Light lighting up in fog (Aerosoft did it...)

    Hi all Trying to get my airport lighting correct I still wasn't able to find a work around for the low vis option... Checking Aerosoft EDDL I noticed they did it! But how? Decompiling the bgl learnd me they use a texture file to create the light but not how they led it light up at fog etc...
  5. Jessy

    [Gmax Vertex] weld vertexes without actually welding them?

    Hi all just another quick question: is it possible to weld vertexes together without actually welding them, so actually placing 3 vertexes of 3 different polygons all on the same spot without them getting welded together? I managed to do it to place the RCS to local but that's rather time...
  6. Jessy

    [Gmax Lofting] use new shape for all loft objects?

    Hi all I just created a complete set of taxilines but compared to the official ICAO doc the real taxilines are 5cm wider... Now, is there a way to make all lofted objects use the new wider shape or do I really need to select every single lofted object and assign the new shape to it? Thx...
  7. Jessy

    FS2004 Second Ground Poly flicker problem (again -_- )

    Hi all I just reworked my second layer of the ground poly's in Gmax, namely the detail layer for taxiways, aprons,... but the strange things is that this layer just keeps flickering on me while the first layer (photoreal image) doesn't... layer one has layer 8 set and the second layer has...
  8. Jessy

    Ground poly keeps flickering...

    Hi all I made the second layer for my photoreal ground and no matter what I do, it just keeps flickering... my first layer as set as 8 and the second as 12, even tried 16 but without result. Attached is my .bgl file, could someone have a look at what is causing this? Thx in advance
  9. Jessy

    3D models, included exclude??

    Hi all I created a fence around my airport, fence is created with Gmax. When I place the fence in FS there is a big part of autogen excluded around the fence... this was not intended... is there a way to remove this "exclude" of the model?
  10. Jessy

    FS2004 Flatten not doing it's work correctly

    Flatten not doing its work correctly hi all I just created a new flatten for my airport but it doesn't seem to work as it should... I made it using Sbuilder placing all points at 3.9624m (13ft). This works for most of the airport but at some spots the elevation is slightly higher...
  11. Jessy

    Seasonal ground poly's

    Hi all I know this has been asked a lot but I just can't figure it out... I got a ground poly and I made 5 sets of textures, spring, summer, fall, heavy winter (only to show when it actually snows) and night. The spring and night textures have been placed within gmax but I just can't figure...
  12. Jessy

    FS2004 [XML] Condiotional string problem

    [XML] Conditional string problem Hi all I'm still struggling with my altimeter gauge. My Altimeter gives me the thousands of feet in 2 digits. But when climbing and the altimeter says 18996 for instance I want to let the first 2 digits jump to 19. The gauge itself has 2 text areas for the...
  13. Jessy

    FS2004 [FS9-XML]Change gauge images when a switch is turned.

    Hi all I've been looking for a way to load an image to simulate night lighting when a knob is set at a certain position. The real knob adjusts the back lighting of the gauges smoothly, increasing or decreasing the amount of red or white. Is there a way to program this in XML? I'm not...
  14. Jessy

    [XML] Rounding numbers

    Hi all quite new to XMl so I came across the following issue. My Digital Altimeter shows the altitude as follows: xxxx0 so for example 33240. The problem is that when the value gets above 05, 15, 25, ... it should round the number to the following tenth. so everything below x5 should become...
  15. Jessy

    FS2004 <String> not adjusting to textbox size

    Hi all I'm creating a new Altimiter but I'm having troubles with the Strings. They appear way too small and no matter what they stay that small. Could someone help me out on this? Below is the code (the rotate is not correct yet). Thx in advance <Gauge Name="DC8 Digital Altimiter"...
  16. Jessy

    FS2004 Switch/knob automatically returning to original position (XML)

    Hi all I just got stuck trying to create a switch for the auxiliary Hydraulic Pump in XML. This switch has 3 positions: * Up => start aux hydraulic pump, needs to be held up in emergency by the FE * Middle => neutral position of the switch * Down => Stop Aux Hydr Pump now, what I want...
  17. Jessy

    FS2004 Only centerline lights?

    hi all is there a way to create only centerline lights with SCASM? So far the only way I was able to get centerline lights is by turning on the edge-lights ... (using 04,05 or 06 activates edge lights ...)
  18. Jessy

    FS2004 Strings in IAS gauge

    Hi all I'm new at this gauge creating thing and I stumble across a problem while creating my first gauge. The gauge I'm creating is an analogue IASI with s display in the middle showing the mach number and the IAS. The mach number always shows .20 if you are below that mach number. The IAS...
  19. Jessy

    FS2004 Remove light/electricity poles

    Hi all I was wondering how one can remove electricity poles and light poles. I already tried removing them one by one by small excludes, result, they still are there. Using a VTP polygon did not help either, houses disappear but light and electricity poles don't. Maybe this has been asked...