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  1. Zeb Gardner

    List of Suggestions - 2013

    Jon, Have you published a list since 2013? Regarding the suggestion: Accurate sizing of taxi signs including back to back. [10110] Are you seriously considering action on this suggestion? In some cases it would be a plus to have a double sided sign. I have tried to improvise by placing two taxi...
  2. Zeb Gardner

    Jetways in ADE

    ADE version 1.67 "Jetways" entry is missing from the "ADD" list upon right click. Thanks Zeb Gardner
  3. Zeb Gardner

    Make a Mirror Image of a Model

    Presently doing a scenery remake of KFAY with accurate buildings renditions and have need to mirror (not flip) a concourse building. I'm using Instant Object Studio. Mirror is not provided within that program. Does anyone know of a method to export the model bgl to accomplish this? Thanks...
  4. Zeb Gardner

    Instant Scenery 3 problem

    I purchased IS3 in November, 2013 and have used the program successfully on a large project until about a month ago. I would install objects from a library and some objects would be retained and others would not. This happened with only one particular library. I asked a friend to try that...
  5. Zeb Gardner

    Creating components

    Is it possible in ADE to select various items like nodes, taxi links and parking spaces all together in a group and save the group as a "component" to be added to other projects. For example, I have a drive through parking space that uses a parking space with special positioning of nodes and...
  6. Zeb Gardner

    GP problems - ADEX

    Upon changing the existing aprons to ground polys a problem has become evident. In ADE, the taxi paths show on top of the apron but the parking spaces do not. In FSX, the taxi paths and the parking space markings do not show on top of the apron. I understand the layer priorities, 5 to 63 which...
  7. Zeb Gardner

    FSX Scenery Package - WASP Tribute

    I have the WASP Tribute scenery package ready for distribution. It is the Avenger Field of 1943 with 38 AI aircraft and 50 flight plans. Before I release the package it would be great to have the work evaluated. Would anyone like to give it a test run for problems? The package has been...
  8. Zeb Gardner

    FSX elevation differences

    I am preparing to send a scenery package out for distribution and there may be some elevation problems. I sent the package to several simmers for testing and a couple are having terrain elevation differences between runways, taxiways and surrounding terrain. I had placed a "flatten mask Class...
  9. Zeb Gardner

    ADE latest upgrade

    Upgraded to .60.5153.25746 and got error message "ADE cannot find a valid path for FS........ Re-entered path to FS in Settings. Error message still there. Do not know if program is affected. Zeb Gardner
  10. Zeb Gardner

    FSX AIFP2 latest 2.2.10 update problem

    Latest update prevents aircraft from loading. Message is "aircraft is not AI aircraft" Reverted back to prior version, AIFP2 2.2.08 and then was able to load. Re-installed AIFP2 2.2.10 update and the same happened. Certainly appreciate your program. Donations are well deserved. Zeb Gardner...
  11. Zeb Gardner

    LOM setup

  12. Zeb Gardner

    Opening screen

  13. Zeb Gardner

    FSX IACO/IATA airport codes

    Reviving an old WWII airbase where the airport designation no longer exist. Gave it the letters KPYT, which is for Pyote AAFB, Texas. These letters are currently unused in the world data base. The Airport has been created with ADE No problem getting FSX and ATC to recognize the name and...
  14. Zeb Gardner

    Import Scenery object into FSX

    I regret to go into so much detail but how else can I present this problem properly? After the usual learning curve I have made a custom hanger model with detail in Sketchup. The conversion process to FSX scenery was to export the model by COLLADA file (WASP4.dae) into Arno's ModelConvertX...
  15. Zeb Gardner

    Taxiways not consistent

    As can be seen in the images attached I have a problem with taxiways and adjacent parking. Portions of the taxiway are straight and smooth and other portions are jagged and the surface changes to concrete. I have tried to be consistent, specifying asphalt with runways, aprons and taxiways...
  16. Zeb Gardner

    ADE 1.51.4645 Beta problem

    Opened my present project in the new Beta and saw that some of my library objects are blocked out in black. I immediately closed without saving and opened the same in my existing 1.50.18 to check on library objects. OK in the old version. Image attached. Any advice would be nice. Really...
  17. Zeb Gardner

    unwanted scenery objects

    These Objects do not show in ADEX9 but do show in FSX. Started with stock KSWW and modified with ADEX9 to the way it was in 1943 when Avenger Field was a training base for the W.A.S.P. The objects are beaconlighthei, beacontower01, mediumfuelstation and watertower 1. All except the watertower...