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    No 3D structures

    Am having a big problem with the Land class Layer. I was working on an airport (MGPB) and after one compilation the Landclass layer was "Flat", no 3d structures. I have deleted the BGL but now I do not get the original 3d land class as it was on the original fsx . . The only thing I can see...
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    SBuilder showing messed up tiles

    Since two days ago I have been getting "Messed up" tiles all over the scenery. Can someone help me with this situation? What is going on? and...Is there "new" server plugins? all I can get is Virtual Earth Satellite.
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    Sbuilder 3 not downloading tiles completely

    In the last two days Tiles do not download completely. It starts and stops at 2 or 1 tiles remaining and thats it. Sometimes it does finish but it places some random tiles over the chosen coordinates. Can someone tell me what's wrong. I have reinstalled it twice but I get the same results. I...
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    Is there a better or similar Prog to Sbuilder X

    I have been using Sbuilder for years, but it fails whenever it wants and have to re-install it, then after a few months again it fails and again I have to re-install it. Is there a better software more up to our times and hardware?? even if its payware?... Thanks
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    Sorroundings go "2D"

    I placed a new scenery which I made and now all sorrounding buldings went 2D "Flat" as a plate!!! what happened???
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    ADE 1.70 hangs looking for stock airports

    Hi Jon... I just downloded your latest version from your site and I find these problems: Looking for a "stock" airport it mostly Hangs and have to kill it.. When it finds one it takes minutes to do so... What you think is happening down here??? Regards and thanks...
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    "Get From Sim" not available!!!

    After using ADE : Application 01.65.5452.12450 Engine 04.65.5452.12346 for months with this option working perfectly, Today its Dead!!!! I can't get it to work at all. What can I do?? Do I have to re-install this again????
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    Easy way to get rid of!!!!

    Hi guys, I think I have finally gotten the hang of "photo Scenery Design" but I still have to go through a "too long" process to get rid of that " green stamp looking rectangle FSX puts in airports"!!! it is really a disgrace. What is the "fastest" way of getting rid of it???..Any suggestion...
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    Transparent Photo Scenery

    Can someone please tell me why I am getting a "Transparent" Photo Scenery?...I checked the Watermask, Blendmask and the originial BMP and everything looks fine. This has happened twice now and I can't find the culprit which is causing this. ..Thanks
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    Gimp 2.8 and Watermask

    Situation:....While editing a Photo scenery with Gimp 2.8 I had may original BMP layer plus the Watermask and Blendmask done. I deleted the Watermask and the original layer and proceeded to export the Blendmask. When I looked for "Undo Remove Layer" so that the watermask layer will show up...
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    Changing the"solid green" runway skirt

    Hi, I really enjoy working with ADE, but the airfield "Skirt" it makes for the runway is too "solid looking" its exactly like the lousy looking FSX default runway "stamp looking" ground. Can this be changed to a more subtle pasture?? really makes the airfield grounds one does look like...
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    Get error compiling

    ADE is one of my preferred tools. It compiles all my airfields and airports perfectly..Except when I make a "Fence" round them...what am I doing wrong with such an "easy looking procedure"??
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    SBuilderX313 Does not show map

    Hi guys... I can't get the program to show the background map. I have tryed with all the Tile Servers tht the program brings but no way they show. Any advice will be appreciated.
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    Simple ai traffic

    Hi guys..I just finished my First Ai traffic .bgl file with no errors. Where do I put this file in FSX??
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    FSXSE...AI Traffic

    For the price on their Easter Sale I downloaded FSXSE and was very happily supriced how smooth it flies, all over New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Rome at no less than 40 fps and totally "smooth". No regular FSX "jerks"!! Hickups or whatever damnations has been the curse of regret...
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    Flat on the ground

    Hi... I am trying to make some Airfield Numbers, signs etc to place on TOP of the tarmac or other surfaces. What is the Hight or Depth they should be??? the ones I have made are Always too Thick and the planes "sink" into them. I need real "thin" objects so they look like "paint" on the...
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    Blurring in FSX

    Recently while testing scenery this is Happening: I open FSX at an airport and my graphics are great, I have a hefty Nvidia GTX 770 which gives great graphics, I start flying and as the plane flies along the graphics start to "blur" or degenerate. I stop FSX go to the map and "move" the plane...
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    MS Flight to Return.....Hummmm

    Just read this, good news or bad news for developers??? ...
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    Rubber Pilots...

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    Why this happens--FSX

    I place a new lanclass all around an airfield and after it compiles the bgl it looks great. Then when I come back to the area the "new landclass" is Flat!!!:confused: