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  1. Humphrey Lee

    FSX Add Position made dublicated objects

    try ro correct object position,but two objects appeared
  2. Humphrey Lee

    I saw some airports have models in list with coordinates packed in .bgl,how to make that?

    And how to make scenery objects .bgl not from ADE?
  3. Humphrey Lee

    Cannot assign right textures

    Some textures were lost,which were already changed to dds files. The folder is right,but once you click "match" nothing changed. If trying MissingTextureFinder,it crashed when click "Search". .MDL compiled by FSX SDK,changed from .dae skecthup output.
  4. Humphrey Lee

    FSX MCX cannot change FSXpath

    Whenever correct it,it goes back again.FSX Registry wasn't in that path and I don’t have that folder as well.
  5. Humphrey Lee

    Ground Poly will never show

    using ADE textures and put them into texture folders.I've tried several airport and different textures none of them show in the airports.It must be someting wrong.