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  1. thebeloved

    SCASM Runway Overlays

    Discussion thread for SCASM Runway Overlays. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  2. thebeloved

    Experimentation on PREPAR3D

    Hi guys! I today released the porting of my LIRN-X (Napoli Capodichino) scenery on PREPAR3D. Feel free to download on and let me know your considerations!
  3. thebeloved

    Milano Linate X

    After doing work on the freeware Napoli Capodichino for FS9 and FSX, now is time to move on one of the busiest city-airport in Italy, Milano Linate. The project will be my first payware: Milano Linate X. The scenery will depict the Airport of Linate and its surroundings and it will be...
  4. thebeloved

    my last fatigue...LIRN-X v0.2

    Hi to everybody! Finally after hard work, i finished the conversion of my scenery Napoli LIRN 2006 to FSX: LIRN-X v0.2 I have to say a big thank to this fantastic design community...without you this scenery will never see the light. The scenery i freely downloadable at...