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  1. biggard

    FS2004 Animate to Wind Direction

    Hey Dick, I had already done that. I've got about 6 objects (to be safe) hidden everywhere from the base of the weather station (at minor scale) to nearby buildings. The direction of the wind vane isn't right from the startup of the is always facing north.
  2. biggard

    FS2004 Animate to Wind Direction

    Hey there, I've been working on a small weather station with a wind vane w/ a spinning propeller for wind speed. I followed the wiki article, but I have run into an issue. After modifying the ASM and recompiling with BGLC_9 (and placing several objects because of the wind direction glitch)...
  3. biggard


    Hey there, I am waaay new to effects editing, so naturally I've worked myself into a corner. I'm working on a little condensation trail effect created by the flaps. I modified a texture to get a circular effect and was hoping to emit several of these per second to create a tube like look...
  4. biggard

    FS2004 Placing multiple objects..

    I don't have the CSV, so not sure what is in it, but is there any information about Ship X being in a port? If yes, you might be able to run through the CSV eliminating any ship that is listed as in port. Sounds like a pretty cool project.
  5. biggard

    Dr. Who T.A.R.D.I.S.

    Just remember, the VC better be larger than the outside ;)
  6. biggard

    FSX EDVK Kassel-Calden 2014

    Are you seeing any of the FS9 surfaces through the FS8 surface? I was having this issue at low view angles in a scenery I was making with elevation. Looks great!
  7. biggard

    How FlyTampa does it? Service cars wait for user airplane.

    It is...there are several AESLite-CYUL-blahblah.bgl files. And IIRC, most of those files utilize Area15 dynamic scenery somewhere within.
  8. biggard

    FS2004 FS9 Reflection and Night Textures

    Yes and no again cannot do alpha transparency but I think you might be able to change the material transparency within gmax/3DS. I haven't tried it, but I imagine that would get you a transparent, and "reflective" material. If I recall, this might be how FlightZone did the PDX...
  9. biggard

    FS2004 FS9 Reflection and Night Textures

    Sort uses the FS default environment map, so the reflections are the same as if you increased the alpha on an aircraft paint. Here's the rough 5 second description of what to do, feel free to PM me if you need help: -Save the ASM files from when you compile the model. -Inside the...
  10. biggard

    FS2004 FS9 Reflection and Night Textures

    That did the trick, thanks Arno!
  11. biggard

    FS2004 FS9 Reflection and Night Textures

    I am using some "relfective" textures for a handful of buildings in my current project. I am using the Texture_Aircraft and Texture2_Reflect trick, but I now have another issue. For some reason, at night, the object behaves as if there is no night texture (the day texture is there, but...
  12. biggard

    Loft Scale Issue (Max)

    That is what I applied the Reset Xform to (sorry, meant spline, not line). The problem is fixed, and everything seems to behave correctly.
  13. biggard

    Loft Scale Issue (Max)

    Ya I figured I would want to avoid scale issues. Thanks for the help! Edit...I seemed to have fixed the problem by scaling the lines as a group, then ungroup, select all shapes and apply a reset Xform modifier. Collapse, then you can loft.
  14. biggard

    Loft Scale Issue (Max)

    Hey there, I just recently discovered the ability to import Adobe Illustrator .ai files as shapes into 3dsMax. I find this much easier (I'm faster with AI than 3ds when it comes to drawing splines), but I have a scaling issue, which is creating a loft problem. When I import the .ai file...
  15. biggard

    LOFTS Ground Poly Edges.

    Great explanation jtanabodee!
  16. biggard

    FSX XNA Northwest Arkansas Regioanl Airport

    Looks great!
  17. biggard

    Problem when animating car

    Check your rotation controller under the Motion Tab. I think changing it to "Linear Rotation" should fix the problem.
  18. biggard

    FS2004 Night Lighting - shape setting ?

    When you run the X file through MakeMDL, go to the options, and check "HasNightMap". Even if you exported the model without an ambient texture, it will change it in the mdl on conversion.
  19. biggard

    FSX XNA Northwest Arkansas Regioanl Airport

    Stunning! :D
  20. biggard

    FSX XNA Northwest Arkansas Regioanl Airport

    Very impressive! I was just there a few months ago.