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  1. luis-fernandez

    FSX Autogen for Spain Photoscenery

    Hello everyone. In Spain we are trying to create the autogen for the whole country. It is intended, of course, for using along with the amazing photoscenery that we already have for Spain (1 m/pixel). We are using the amazing tool scenProc from Arno (Thanks!!). Some pictures...
  2. luis-fernandez

    Lack of data in GeoFabrik?

    Hello.. I would like to thank Mr. Arno for this "scenPro" tool and for his step by step tutorial: This morning, in a couple of hours, without having any idea about autogen, I was able to create my...
  3. luis-fernandez

    FS2004 Matching lights (AFW-AFX)

    Hello.. I made an airport with AFX. As I added a ground polygon, all the lights are covered. With "Airport for Windows" I added an invisible runway and all the lights can be seen. Now I want to add the taxiways lights... but it is very difficult to match both taxiways (AFX & AFW) because I can...
  4. luis-fernandez


    Hello... Has anyone tried to make a custom PAPI with SketchUp? I tried to follow this tutorial: ... but as I don't know how to use Gmax I don't get anything working. Thanks!
  5. luis-fernandez

    FS2004 How to find texture with weird format

    Hello... I often have blurred textures in an Scenery which have more than 1000 files in the Texture folder (mix of DXT1 & DXT3). As I read in the forums, this usually happens when one of the textures has a format that FS2004 doesn't like. How can I find that texture? because all the textures...
  6. luis-fernandez

    Export .kmz to .bgl?

    Hello... In ModelConverterX I can import a .kmz file (the coordinates are inside), but when I export the model to .bgl (FS2004) I can't see the object in FS. Apparently, there aren't any coordinates in the .bgl (I had a look into the .xml) Is that the expected operation? or am I doing...
  7. luis-fernandez

    Lines in photo-background

    Hello... Every time I make a scenery with a photo as a background (with SketchUp), I get these lines between each tile (each tile is 512x512) I don't know if this also happens using Gmax or others... and I don't know where these lines come from. Any clue? Thank you very much.
  8. luis-fernandez

    About "Texture Sheet"

    Hello... I have built an object with Sketchup and imported in MCX. Then, I use the "minimize drawcall" and the "Mass Texture Editor". Eventually, I get two files: the "texture sheet" and another image. In that last image I can see some of the small photos I had in the Texture Sheet but not...